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Luke 22:20Luke 1:67-80John 14:15- God always adores and showsadmiration and love to his people. And he is fulfilling his promise he made tosend our savior. He told his people and promised to them that he would protectus from enemies and this is showing how much concern and love he has for eachand every one of us. The covenants are the promises and so is Abraham! – The teachings throughout thisincludes God’s devotion and love for all his people and his promise to thepeople that he is fulfilling. They explain the relationship between thecovenants. And this new covenant is going to show God’s leniency or mercytowards the ancestors. This would also meet the fulfillment towards thecovenant made to Abraham.

– God is redeeming his communitythrough this new covenant and  is sendinga savior from the house of David, which is one of the kings that is held in ahigher place in Israel. Throughout this covenant, he is showing and encouragingthe Christians to keep having faith in God and in him. And showing that he madea covenant with Abraham and keeping his promise and having remember that yearslater. And by making his oath to Abraham, he fulfilled his promise on savingthe people! Acts 3:25Acts 7:8Acts 15:5-God made a covenant with Abraham, andhe promised to bless all the people (all his people) and the Law of Moses arethe operative covenants. – Any covenants that are formed, aresupposed be fulfilled. There are curtain laws that are established inaccordance to the covenants.

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And Circumcision became one of those mandatorycovenants, once the covenant of circumcision was made. This ended up beingpracticed by Abraham, when he circumcised his child. It was also practiced byAbrahams descendants and became one of the Moses Laws. However, the teachinglater explained that God did indeed made a promise with Abraham which was latermet when Abraham circumcised his son. In addition, the Pharisees also ended upexpecting the Gentiles to also obey these laws that were put in place toexperience this wonderful blessing that God was giving! -Acts says that the Gentiles could be a part ofthese covenants if they ended up following the laws of being circumcised! Ifthey did that, then they could be a part of the covenant. Ephesians 2.

11-12Romans 11.25-271 Corinthians 11.23-26-Throughout its explained that Godloves and is devoted to all the people in the world everywhere. The operativecovenants are the commitments/promises made to the Gentiles and the promises tothe Israelites is to save them from their sins.

Both would be save from God. -The covenants are provided for notonly the Jewish communities, but also the non-Jewish communities. Which wouldlead to the whole Jewish community being accepted and saved by the Gentiles.These teaching would later explain that God would only save the Israelites fromtheir sins if they accepted the Gentiles into their community. This providesthat both covenants would end up meeting their fulfilment from God and have thewhole world being united in Christ. -According to Paul, sincecircumcisions were not practiced this led to segregating the Gentiles from theIsrael community. This put a stop to anyone to obtain Israel citizenship. Whichended up excluding them from joining the covenants made to the Israel communityand left them without hope and God.

  However,even though the Gentiles did not practice the laws of circumcision they stillremained to be part of this new covenant.1 Peter 3:5-7James 2:20-222 Peter 3:3-9-In these passages, God will reach outto the people and answer their prayers if they are respectful. However, he willjudge and destroy anything ungodly. He will answer the prayers from maritalcouples if they happen to treat each other with the respect they both deserve.But the operative covenants are still the ones from Abraham, and the promisesthat God said he would make to his people.- Through these covenants, it may takelonger or more time but this should not stop or make any of Gods followers orbelieves lose their faith and hope in him. These teachings provide descriptionthat show God is taking his time to fulfill every promise he made to Abraham.To keep in mind though is that He will keep his word and provide this blessingwhen he thinks it is the right time.

He has no time frame. – Gentiles should remain faithful andstay patient as God has a plan and will keep his word to his people. It will becompleted with their actions. An example would be that Abraham was prepared tosacrifice his son. But this was before God has kept his word to Abraham. TheGentiles should follow this and obey the laws of God. He is patient and expectsall to repent for their sins if have.

Revelation 11:19Revelation 22:16Revelation 1:1-3- The operative covenants are thepromises that God has made to the Israelites and he promised to send them asavior and for Jesus to stay to his promise of meeting his disciples again. Godwill bless all who proclaim to his word. They need to listen and put it intheir hearts to know this.-The relationship that is existingbetween these covenants are to fulfill one so it fulfills the next one. OnceChrist is coming to the world and for him to be sacrificed for the mankind tosee, he ascends to the all mighty heaven and promises to his believers that hewill return.  And this makes God fulfillthe promises to each covenant. He sends a savior to conquer and save the world,which resulted in John to prepare the Israel community (Israelites) to go findGod and receive him. Then results the Ark to be covenant and to reside intoheaven.

– Jesus will provide an angel to theGentiles to show proof or to testify that John was indeed sent to testify Godsword for him. This would lead the Gentiles to starts practicing Jesus’ way forthe end is coming. -Overall the common them is just tobelieve and have faith. These covenants are made for the people to have so muchfaith and to take time to be patient and to know God is keeping his word andwill fulfill whatever promises he granted upon the believers. If you have thatthan God is on your side. — All believers/Christians shouldobey the laws.

These laws were formed for when all the existing covenants weremade. And the covenant that still exists today is that Jesus promised he wouldreturn to us. And we all wait patiently for his return and keep having ourfaith.

God still blesses our lives daily and we receive it. And these covenantsin the bible allow us to have our faith and hope in God.  


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