MadagascarOverview natural resource it does major damage to

MadagascarOverview of NationContinent: AfricaSize: 587,041 km² Population:  26,262,810Flag: Map: Third world countryLarge island in the Indian oceanFourth largest island in the worldIs a very popular mining countryLost 90% of it’s forest due to human farming methodNatural Resources (Renewable) vs. Non renewable ResourcesDefinition: Natural resources are resources that are natural made. They are not made by the actions of humans. Definition: A non renewable resource is something that takes million years to form inside the earth. Some example are copper, coal, fossil fuel, and strong nickel.Natural resources (renewable)goldironcoalnickelgraphitesalt quartzWoodwaterNon renewable resourcesstrong nickelcopperplatinum group metal anomalismcoalfossil fuelnatural gasSome pros for natural resources is that many natural resources are the only source for that item. Another pro is that they can be used in everyday life.  Some cons for natural resources are that when you extract a natural resource it does major damage to our Earth.  Another con would be that since oil is a natural resource that means it can kill animals. Gold in Madagascar used to be sold to make money for schools, wells and other necessities for the villages.  Gold is being misused because too many people in Madagascar are mining to find it and other ores which destroys the Earth.  Also if the Earth gets destroyed even more animals homes will be destroyed. Physical environmentThe physical environment of Madagascar is deforested and its habitat is being  destroyed. Madagascar is a island that is divided into 5 parts.The Tsaratanana Massif region is home to Madagascar’s highest point, Maromokotro at 9,435 ft. (2,876 m).The central highlands are punctuated by grassy, deforested hills bordering rice-growing valleys.Canada’s environment only use 10% of its water either cold or its covered in water.  Also Canada has 10% of the worlds forest. Canada has soil that is soggy and suitable for planting trees. Madagascar is a island surrounded by water. Madagascar lost 90% of its original forest Because of a farming technique where you burn the forest.  Madagascar is called The Great Red Island because of its red lateritic soil.Personal Plan of ActionMadagascar can cut back on mining because it causes the land erosion and it destroys the Earth. Madagascar can stop burning down their forest because animals habitats will be destroyed and soon they will  not even have a forest because 90% of it is already gone.  The people of Madagascar can start boiling their water to make it safe to drink.       Madagascar is a very poor third world country that has poverty. I will be talking about why the country is so poor, why it is such a popular country and finally why some plants and animals are only on that island. Madagascar would be a rich country only if they didn’t have the rule called the Kleptocratic rule which states that the government takes millions of dollars a year for funds for ear-marked aids in and development activities. Whenever Madagascar wants to ship anything they need a ship or plane to deliver it which costs them a lot.  A weak education system makes it hard for people in Madagascar to get a job to make money and a very few people have access to the internet. The Madagascar people only make $1 US per day for selling vanilla beans which take 2 years to grow and it quite expensive. In the US vanilla beans sell for $600 to $700 per kilogram. Madagascar is such a popular country because of all its sightseeing activities such as Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, Ifaty, Avenue of the Baobabs, Nosy Be and finally Tsingy de Bemaraha. People check out places like the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga because it’s historical, a king used to live there, and finally, you can see historical items of the great king such as drums, weapons and talismans. Some places in Madagaenue scar is ideal for diving, snorkelling and fishing such as the ifaty sea. Avenue of the Baobabs is a place where there a bunch of grouped up trees making a road of dirt between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in western Madagascar. Its striking landscape draws tourists from around the world, making it one of the most visited locations in the region.  Also, the trees in there are over 800 years old, which stood in a dense tropical forest.



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