Maestro Place Analyise

Place Darwin •Mr. Crabbe first regards Darwin with suspicion as ‘A city of booze, blow, and blasphemy’ (p. 9).

•Paul’s initial reaction is much more positive: ‘I loved the town of booze and blow at first sight’ (p. 9). •Every thing in Darwin is different. “An unnatural greenness, as if the leaves were a kind of plastic. Huge parrots yattered in the dripping fruit trees. Butterflies of brilliant colours – bright rainbow colours, chemistry set colours, coffee-table book colours-filled the air”(p.

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10) •First time to know each other and Paul grows up in Darwin. He was taught piano by Keller.Not only teach him music lesson, but also teach him life lesson. •Paul moves to Darwin because of his father’s job transaction. •Darwin is a place of escape. For Keller it also represents a place of punishment particularly through its contrast with Vienna. •“A town populated by men who had run as far as they could flee.

”(p. 17) •Keller has chosen Darwin for its absence of beauty and perfection. “We must be on our guard against beauty always. Never trust the beautiful. ” (p. 50) •Mr. Crabbe learns to enjoy the city’s tropical climate as he creates a wonderful garden. •Paul grows up and falls for Megan (p.

2) and has sex with Megan. •1968 After holiday goes back to class. Meet new classmates Rosie. (p. 63) •Keller begins to open up and share his story with Paul.

Also give his “Scrapbook”. •Paul join the Band betrayed the class music. (p.

79) •1977 Paul received a letter and then goes back to Darwin. Keller keeps the last breath to see Paul “the medication. He’s usually at his best early in the morning”(p.

145) •And in the end, giving last life lesson to Paul “silent is the purest music” (p. 144) •Memories Paul’s back “a foolish, innocent world, a world of delusion and feeling and ridiculous dreams. ”(p. 49) Paul feel regret about this years. Finally understand Keller “teaching a self-criticism that would never allow me to forget my limits”(p.

148) •“A second-rate perfection is all I have any hope of attaining: technical perfection, not perfection. ”(P. 148) Adelaide •Christmas holidays with parents “in Adelaide at the home of my grandparents.. after 5 days drive”(p. 53) •“And then we were through the desert and into the temperate wheat country, passing through the mid-north towns in which I had once lived – centuries ago, in an earlier life, it now seemed.

” (p. 53) •Keller sends a gift to Paul with a book.Their relationship become warmer. (p. 54) •Paul goes to library to search more information about Keller. “Bored – finally – with daytime Television…I began visiting libraries, searching for evidence of Keller’s earlier life. ” •Paul associates the city with enjoyable holiday activities such as ‘The Zoo’, ‘the Beach’ and ‘The Show’ (p.

53). •Adelaide also provides the opportunities to see how Paul’s relationship with Keller has developed. •To Paul, Adelaide represents another time in his life, and a time that doesn’t belong to him anymore.

It shows the different interpretations and ideas of a child and adolescence. Join the piano competition. (p. 95) •When Paul chooses to go to Adelaide to study law and music.

His parents loss of hope of his ever having a career as a performer. •Adelaide is presented as a rather safe and uninspired choice, suggesting the future blandness of his musical career. •“Even then I couldn’t help seeing it in those terms: music to Shit By. ” (p. 91) Through Paul’s experience in playing with the band, he finally understands who he is in terms of music.

•“But the artistic direction of the band had passed out of my hands somewhere between Darwin and Adelaide. ” (p. 06) •Keller remains Paul about his Ability “every fish has its depth. ”(p. 107) •“Now I felt a Territorial’s contempt for Adelaide and its neat rows of suburbs.

” (p. 100). • “It was only now that I realised he had not drunk at all in Adelaide.

” (p. 111) Paul is able to have more insight about Darwin and have a deeper understanding of himself and those around him. Adelaide acts as the bridge between Darwin and the reality of the world. •Paul doesn’t have enough ability to be a concert pianist “you are my best student, yes, One in a thousand, But a concert pianist is one in a million. (p. 113) Vienna •The pace that Keller grows up and have a family •Paul goes back to Vienna to discover Keller’s terrible history about wife and son. •Paul faltered in Vienna. He realized why Keller tried to be tough him.

“That I knew things that only Keller could have taught me” •“No one in Vienna enjoyed his art. He left a bitter man. Later he came back – with many friends” (p. 116). Melbourne •“Rosie to Melbourne, to study medicine”(p.

114) •“Teaching duties in Melbourne, marriage to Rosie and then the birth of our first child had prevented me making any trip North”(p. 143)



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