Mahatma arriving back in India in mid-1891

 Mahatma Gandhi. (n.d.). Retrieved December 6, 2017, from to the editors of, Mohandas Gandhi was born October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India. In his younger years, Gandhi was shy but rebellious. He smoked, stole change from household servants, and ate meat even though his religious beliefs forbid it. Gandhi’s mother was a strong Hindu, and both of his parents wanted him to hold a public office in India. This article was helpful because it gave insight into Gandhi’s childhood and an introduction into his religious beliefs that would ultimately influence him as an adult. Mohandas Gandhi – Facts & Summary. (n.d.). Retrieved December 7, 2017, from to, when Gandhi was turning older he decided to go off to London to study law at the Inner Temple. Gandhi met little success arriving back in India in mid-1891 when setting up a law practice in Bombay. He accepted a position with an Indian law firm that sent him to an office in South Africa. He stayed in South Africa for nearly 20 years with his wife and children. This article was helpful because the facts about his middle years and growing into an adult gave a bigger picture of his life. Salt March | Indian history. (n.d.). Retrieved December 7, 2017, from to the editors of the Britannica website, the salt march was a part of his legacy. The Indians were not allowed to sell salt independently and only could buy taxed salt which was normally imported. The salt march was nearly a month-long the march was against the new law. Gandhi lead a group out to the shore and collected salt to resemblance breaking the law without violence. This article was very helpful because it showed how the British discriminated against the Indians and gave me a better idea of his accomplishments.10 Major Achievements of Mahatma Gandhi | Learnodo Newtonic. (n.d.). Retrieved December 8, 2017, from to, India was hit by famine and floods in 1918. Gandhi arose a chaplain to help the peasants and make the government relieve the taxes. Even though the British government had owned large amounts of property, mainly the farmers stood behind Gandhi. Vallabhbhai Patel helped out with Gandhi and Patel was the minister of India. This site was helpful because I learned more and was informed of the relationships that Gandhi had with other people and who really were his friends.Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi?: The Facts Behind. (n.d.). Retrieved December 7, 2017, from According to, Gandhi was killed on January 30, 1948 from three gunshots. Gandhi was staying in a mansion in New Delhi and was going off to the prayer. He walked outside to a man saying that he was late for the prayer. Gandhi agreed with him and said yes I am. The man pulled out a gun and shot Gandhi in the stomach three times. Nathuram Vinayak Godse was the name of the man who killed Gandhi. This article was very helpful to know how he died and his details to the ending of his lifetime.

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