Maize fertilizers has led to an increased cost

Maize is one of the most consumed cereal
crop on a wide margin and for
several other purposes. It occupied the third place among cereal crops in Nigeria
(FAO, 1997), right after sorghum and millet. The performance of Nigeria
agricultural sector in maize production has become abated over the decade due
to some factors that militate against sufficient crop yields and fertilizer use
Udom et al. (2007). Inorganic fertilizer contains one or several nutrients required
for maize production which, however, in contrast to the organic manure, are
mostly present in concentrated, easily soluble forms. High cost of these
chemical fertilizers has led to an increased cost of production; excessive uses
which are the important inputs in modern farming create depletion in soil
fertility and pollution in surface water bodies. Nitrogen in inorganic
fertilizer applied can be loss through denitrification, leaching such as
contamination of streams and ground water and sublimation of ammonium. This
increase concerns on harmfully effect on excessive use of chemical fertilizer. Use
of organic fertilizers is required for sustainable agriculture to supply nutrients
and improving soil organic matter, soil physical, chemical properties and soil
productivity (Hati et al. 2006).  Soil
organic matter is the key to soil fertility and productivity. However, using
organic manure such as farmyard manure, animal manure (cattle manure, poultry
manure) can serve a better option in substitute for chemical fertilizer. This
play important role in maintaining fertility of soil by adding organic matter , nutrient and these improves
soil moisture retention, soil aggregation, prevention of soil compact and
nutrient leaching. Animal manure is important source of nitrogen and
provides nutritional needs of growing crops (Kaveh firooz et al., 2013:
Baghdali et al., 2016). Nutrient contained in these manure are stored for
longer period and are release slowly, thereby maintaining long residual effect (Sharma and Mittra, 1991). Since
enhanced soil fertility and improved environmental quality are both important
goals of agriculture today in maintaining environment
health by reducing the level of pollution, deliberate efforts are required
to promote utilization of animal manure for crop production. There is little
information on effect of animal manure mixture on nitrogen mineralization, it
is therefore important to exploit the utilization of animal manure mixture to
determine the nitrogen requirement for optimum performance of maize amended
with animal manure mixture and NPK
fertilizer also it is require to understand the synergistic effects of manure
mixture on N forms.



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