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Making Malaysia an Asia’s Top Tourist Destination
In this cutting-edge technology era, people mostly prefer a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. However, if a country or place is worth travelling, like Malaysia, it will still attract people from all over the world to come and pay a visit. Not to say Malaysia is the most popular tourist destination compared to other Asian countries such as Japan and China, but it is definitely the unique one. The reason is not other than Malaysia is a multiracial country where the three main races can live peacefully. And I am pretty sure this really grabs those outsiders’ attention to treasure our country beauty. Since Malaysia has such an obvious difference from other Asian countries based on its multiracial background, we as Malaysians have to be greatly involved in making it Asians’ top tourist destination which may sound quite impossible before this but not now or later. As a saying goes, make hays while the sun shines. We must appreciate the conditions now of our country and always be prepared to change it for the better.

In order to make Malaysia the top tourist destination, we must start with the country cleanliness. People normally judge the book by its cover; therefore, the first step of all is definitely keeping Malaysia cleanliness in a tip-top condition. Let us start from the basics. Our toilets especially those located near the tourist destinations must be clean and not smelly as well. This can really improve tourists’ impressions towards us. Secondly, it is our beaches. Malaysia is well-known for its stunning beaches, for example, the beaches of Redang. For those beach-lovers, it will be their greatest pleasure to sunbath under the gigantic ball of heat on this lucky land which was gifted with sufficient sunlight. Be proud to say that the scene of the sunset is equally amazing too. But, imagine, when you are relaxing under the shades, you are at the same time surrounded by piles of rubbish. What do you think? I can assure you that your holiday mood will straight go vanished. Hence, it is very important for us to be responsible for picnicking or any other activities else, to make sure our beach is ‘zero rubbish’. In short, tourists enjoy more to be in a clean environment while travelling. Thus, maintaining the cleanliness of our country is no doubt one of the ways to go.

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Besides, our government should take the advantage of multiethnic in Malaysia by encouraging more heritages to be built so that more historical places are available like those in Gopeng and Malacca. This can offer an opportunity to visitors to treasure the ancient of Malaysia to know Malaysia better. Curiosity is the mother of discovery. When their wonder towards our distinguishing features is given an answer, this is the time they find Malaysia to be an amazing country full of stories. It is packed with historical and cultural gems including colonial architectures, classic churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples and certainly the grand mosque. The government can emulate Taiwan and India where they preserve the old temples. The multicultural will paint Malaysia with different colours. On the other hand, the tourism industry can cooperate with the government to work out on projects to open up more tourist attractions like Cameron Highlands. The cool climate there will become the visitors’ shelter when the weather has become too warm outside. The tea plantation, vegetables and strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands really make good profits to our country as they are welcomed by mostly the tourists who prefer organics. Simply put, more ‘Cameron Highlands’ should be built up as it can make Malaysia more popular in the field of tourism. We should preserve the historical places and the passing-down culture in our country in order to make more people recognise Malaysia.

Moreover, Malaysians should work hard on popular industry among tourists. First, the handicraft industries which manage to grab the attention of travellers should be given modals and incentives as the creativity of the natives should be encouraged. And this can also make it one of Malaysia’s glows. Up next, Malaysia is also known as shopping heaven. In order to attract more tourists, reasonable and affordable prices should be charged. For example, tourists love to go vacation at Langkawi as all the goods are free of tax. Not to be forgotten, our country proudly honoured with a name, ‘food paradise’ especially for Penang. I am sure that the tourists will not let the golden chance of trying our local delicacies to just pass them by. Mouth-watering cuisine can be found everywhere. From food stalls to capital’s best restaurant, the scrumptious dish can definitely fulfil their taste buds demands including Penang laksa, Char Kway Teow, Nasi Kandar and a long list to go. Hence, we must always emphasize on the quality of food to provide our tourists with a reliable source of delicious food. Shortly, we should pay more attention to industries that have great development potential to make Malaysia shines.

Furthermore, Malaysia is also a ‘green country’. We have a lot of forests like rainforests and mangrove forests. For those natures enthusiastic, Malaysia is confirmed to be in their ‘must-visit lists. In order to attract them for a longer term of periods, our country must conserve and preserve the species in our forests. Our forests are rich in tropical flora and fauna which the tourist s will be thrilling to discover. The nature lovers who travel to Malaysia will be able to release stress which exploring the truly tropical life in our National Park. They can unwind themselves from daily hustle and bustle surrounding in the city by throwing their arms around the greenery. In order to make Malaysia popular among all the other countries, we must try our best to protect the species which are still available as they can face extinction the next second. This indirectly contributes to our tourism industry as nature enthusiasts will be hooked on our fantastic forests and keep on exploring in the mysterious rainforests. The tour guide should also take charge in explaining and make the tourists be more interested in wildlife experiences. In short, we must take care of our forests which are one of the precious gifts from God in order to show our love and appreciation towards nature which in turn allowing local and international tourists to treasure and this can raise the popularity of Malaysia among all the other Asian countries.

Without the shadow of a doubt, Malaysia has the potential to become Asia’s top tourist’s destination if we make good use of the natural resources that have been granted to us. In the coming decades or even centuries, Malaysia will surely transform into a better country with advanced technology and of course more marvellous places of interests. This lucky land will be filled with human touch everywhere, warm ambience and more accessible which perfectly fit the criteria of being the top tourist destination only if we, as the citizens of our beloved country bear our own responsibilities but not neglected it and together we achieve our ‘Vision 2020’.

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