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Malaria is a deadly disease, it is the cause of the most deaths. This disease is caused by a protoctists named Plasmodium, carried by mosquitoes in the Anopheles genus. It is only transmitted by the females because they are the ones needing our blood. When the female mosquito bites us, it transfers the parasite into us. The protoctist then multiplies rapidly in our liver, and affects red blood cells and gets carried around the body. Malaria has terrible effects on the body which include very high fever, vomiting, sweating and shaking. Some other effects are delirium, diarrhoea and kidney failure. It is a disease that is world wide going from Africa to Europe and only going the the Americas after the Columbian Exchange due to food carrying the protoctist. The name malaria separated into ‘Mal’ and ‘Aria’ literally translates to ‘Bad Air’, this is because before scientists found out it was coming from a parasite people though it came from bad fumes coming from the ground and bad wind. Malaria is not something new, in fact, it has been recorded for over 4000 years, and the oldest mosquito carrying the parasite found was 3 million years old.There have been several ways of treating Malaria throughout the thousands of years. In the middle ages there were a few different ways of treating those with malaria for example amputations. This was because as malaria infected a body it could kill it’s limbs and therefore these limbs would have to be removed to save a person’s life. Another way was bloodletting, for this you would be cut and let some blood out. This is because in this time, it was believed that if you let out the infected blood you would be left with all good blood. Due to people being very religious, many didn’t believe in anything that was scientific, this meant that another belief was that the cause of malaria was from bad spirits in a person’s head. A treatment for this was breaking  a hole in peoples’ skulls to let the bad spirits out. In the 1700s a substance in the bark of a tree called Cinchona Officinalis, was discovered however it was unknown how to separate this substance from the bark. Luckily, two french scientists found out how and created this medication called quinine. This ia a medication that is quite effective and is still used. In 1972, DDT was discovered and used as an insect killer. However this was used excessively and dangerously only people didn’t know this, until Rachel Carson showed the truth and the EPA banned DDT in the USA. More recently people started sell in cures, but these cures were fake. This had a terrible impact on everyone because these killed about 100,000 people and those it didn’t kill had terrible side effects including amnesia and hallucinationsNow we have changed many treatments for malaria as we continue to evolve and discover new things. a solution that is being worked on by scientists, is making a genetically modified mosquito, this would mean that the mosquito would be unable to carry the disease and therefore will not be able spread it. For those who already have it, and have limbs that have died still get them amputated because this can spread otherwise. However for those who have lost limbs we now have solutions for that too for example fake limbs. This would mean that an unlucky person can still go about their lives with very little difficulty. An example of this would be a lady named Dawn Dubsky who had a lot of trouble without her forearms and her feet. She then tried fake limbs and it didn’t work, however as they kept changing she tried new ones years later and it worked. Technology will definitely change our cures and solutions for malaria.In conclusion, the treatments of malaria have changed a lot throughout the hundreds of years. Before, they were very much related to spirits and beliefs due to religion, however now they have changed to become very scientific and more towards the cause and after someone has malaria rather than trying to treat someone with malaria. Over the years there will most probably be a cure for malaria as well as a way to prevent it.

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