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Manchester United Manchester United is one of the most successful football teams in history, having won nineteen Premier League titles, which is more than any other team ever. They have also won the Champions League three times and they have one of the biggest stadiums in the world, which can hold up to 78,000 people. They have a sponsorship with Nike and Aon and are now owned by the Glazer family.

They have a fierce rivalry with Manchester City. Manchester United Football club formed in 1878 and was originally called Newton Heath but changed their name in 1902.From 1900-1910 they played ata 50,000 apacity stadium at Bank Street but then President Davies decided that they needed a bigger stadium with almost double the capacity. They chose a site near Trafford Park industrial estate and the architect was Archibald Leitch. It was finished in 1910 and was named Old Trafford. Their first match in it was against Liverpool which they lost 4-3. At that point the stadium’s capacity was over 80,000 but they made a few changes and narrowed it down to about 78,000. The most attended match was in 1949 which was 76, 962 which was an FA Cup semi-final match between Wolves and Grimsby Town.

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The original Man Utd strip was green and yellow but they have had a red strip since 1902. It was changed when the glazers took over; they preferred the colour red so they changed it to red. The most legendary player is probably Ryan Giggs as he has had the most attendances (908) out of the whole of Manchester United players. Bobby Charlton is also a legend as he has had 758 appearances and has scored 249 goals for the club. The most expensive player Manchester United ever bought was Dimitar Berbatov who was bought for 30. 5 million. And the most expensive player Manchester United ver sold was Christiano Ronaldo who sold for 80 million to Real Madrid.

Another Manchester United legend is Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest managers of all time. He was born in 1941 in Glasgow. He played for Rangers, Dunfermline and Falkirk as well as other teams. He’s made 327 appearances for all clubs and scored 166 goals. However he became famous as he began his management career at the age of 32 as a part-time manager with East Stirlingshire.He then moved to St Mirren FC where he started his full-time management career. He won the First Division in 1976 during his stay at St Mirren and spotted lots of young talent whilst he was there.

In June 1978 he Joined Aberdeen FC and he was younger than a few senior players in the team. They respected him after they won 5-0 against their opponent team in the final game of the Scottish League. The fantastic team-building talents of Sir Alex helped Aberdeen win the UEFA Cup in 1982 and win the UEFA Super Cup in 1983 and won the SFA Cup 1986 for a small period after he moved from Aberdeen.On November 6th 1986, Alex Ferguson Joined to be the manager of Manchester United. After a few disappointing years, he then came back to win the League Cup during 1991-92 and then won the Premier League the next year. He was good at spotting young talent from other teams and managed to work with players like Dwight Yorke, Ryan Giggs, Teddy Sheringham, Paul Scholes and Ole Gunnar SolskJaer. He then won the FA Cup Final against Newcastle in 1998 which was a memorable moment.

They also won the Champions League and the Inter-Continental Cup.Since Alex Ferguson Joined, they have won the Premier League ten times, the FA Cup five imes, the League Cup twice, the UEFA Champions League twice. In 1983 he was awarded the OBE for his services to football.

He received the CBE in 1995 and the Knight Bachelor in 1999 in recognition of his achievements at Manchester United. He was then put into the English Hall of Fame in 2002. As he was the most successful League manager, he has been awarded the FA Manager of the Year eight times. In 1996, he received the FWA award for his success with Manchester United.He won the FA Premier League Manager of the Month, 21 times; Sir Alex Ferguson became the nly manager in the history of English football to accomplish this.

Manchester United has been a very successful club but they suffered a disaster on 6th Feb 1958 when a British airways flight crashed on its third attempt to take off from the Munich Riem Airport in West Germany. On board was the whole Manchester United football team who were nicknamed Busbys Babes. There were also supporters and Journalists on board. Twenty of the forty four people on board died, three more died in hospital resulting in twenty three deaths and twenty one survivors.In conclusion I think Manchester United is one of the greatest football clubs ever.

They have had many legendary players and are supported worldwide. They have won the league more times than any other English team and have been named the world’s richest club again and are valued at a massive El . 39billion. The Premier League champions topped Forbes magazine’s list for the eighth year in a row.

I think they will carry on winning trophies in the future as they have bought some strong players during the latest transfer window. Bibliography www. wikipedia. com www.

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