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Many acts appear in the 1960s because students from Berkeley help make the school grounds a midpoint for protest actions so at the time the acts came together so the Civil Rights Act was affected by the Black Panther Party because it stimulated Berkeley students for a reason that African Americans could have chances of getting a job as for the protest made a great outstanding everything went well so hotels started hiring them only on specific areas. The Free Speech Act was involved in the protests of Berkeley because the University organization didn’t let the students to do political actions on school grounds also didn’t have the right of educational independence as for Women’s Right Act women was more into the Berkeley riot all they wanted was to help the improvement of human justice that was denying women their chances to become the leader that’s how the act was created and appeared in Berkeley. The Anti-War Act was a theory of Americans to dismiss the war and to end it but the complaints went through alot of parades and police violence was so involved that the classes were call off there was many annoyed protesters in that event it took a long time for it to approved. The acts were linked to the Black Panther Party and Civil Power Act because it all had to do with opportunities and both were very popular in the 1960s it all had to do with African Americans to have chances of jobs and to fight for freedom that’s why the Black Panthers had arrangements also they used skills of turbulence to help the Civil Rights Act.

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