Many function. Video games is taking over in

people would say gamers are lazy, anti-social, and have a bad performance at
school. These are just examples of the negative things we heard about gamers. But
video games can be good for us, like improving our brain function. Video games
is taking over in our society.  With the
help of modern technology, each and every one of us can play any game we want.
Researchers and Psychologists are taking a closer look on the effects of video
games in our brain function.


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1.    Puzzle
or Platformers type of video
games can give our mind a workout. It can enhance our problem-solving, memory,
spatial reasoning, and attention to detail, as well as boost brain function and
IQ. There are game that didn’t made it obvious that you’re already enhancing
those skills. The Legend of Zelda
and Mario Bros. are well known
puzzle games which I requiring you to finish the level before going on to the
next one.


2.    Role-Playing
Games (RPGs) gives you the
luxury of playing a certain character or hero. It focuses on player-driven
choices, dialogue options, and the player actions RPG video games are
customizable than other type of game which gives the option to the players to
decide on what their character will do in game. As RPG game goes on, players
will encounter more difficult situations that will give them difficult time in
making a decision. Final Fantasy and
The Elder Scrolls are just some of
the well-known franchises in RPG games.


3.    Real
Time Strategy(RTS) As
the name suggests, these type of games uses strategic planning to complete a
task, defat the enemy, or team up with other players(co-op) to win the game.
Things can go wrong while in the game, that’s why you should be prepared in
playing RTS games. World of Warcraft is
the best example of RTS type of game.



1.    Playing video games has a positive
effect on primary school children, it improves their performance in school.
According to the researchers, children who plays five or more hours playing
video games per week have fewer relationship problems with others.


2.    According to Mark Griffiths, excessive
playing of video games is not really addictive play. And playing for that long
period of time is just to avoid detrimental negative effects. Teenagers
nowadays are having an access to computers to play video  games. There are positive potential outcomes
can be found in playing a video game, it can contribute to the emotional
stability of a gamer and reduce emotional disturbances. Regular gamers play
because it is the stress reliever for them and also their relaxation time.


3.    According to Bavelier, those tried and
tested video game players won’t stop playing the game until the problem or
mystery in the game is solved. He concludes that video games are very helpful
in the improvement of a person’s logical
intelligence. Most of us would thought that gamers are loners, but being
alone helps them to improve their interpersonal
intelligence, it makes them smart because some video games are requiring
you to team up with other players to finish the objective of the game. It also
helps them to improve the communication skills of the gamers. Video games
promotes bodily-kinesthetic intelligence,
there’s a saying that “practice makes perfect”. In real life, video games are
used to train our soldiers to shoot the enemies and they can apply it in real
life situation.


Here are some games that you can try to enhance
your multiple intelligences:

Starcraft, Professor Layton and
the Diabolical Box , World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Scribblenauts,
Braid, Trash Panic, Little Big Plane

Swarm, Drop 7, Art Style: Code

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