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MARIA VICTORIA P. CAPISTRANO                                                  JANUARY 28, 2018

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#1: What is the best energy source for the country?



            The Philippines
has different sources of energy. It could be considered as one of the rich
country in renewable resources because of it is abundant renewable energy
sources such as geothermal, wind, biomass, hydro, ocean and solar. These
sources of energy where used in different part of the country to supply the
demands of the community. But until now, we are still largely dependent on
nonrenewable resources of energy such as coal, crude oil and natural gas. The
world has always been heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Almost everything that
makes the world go ’round is run by oil or coal.  Imagine what would happen to humanity if
these resources would have been used up. With Mother Earth going through a
less-than-positive change, however, what with climate change making itself more
visible in all sorts of ways, the world has started to take notice of cleaner,
more environment-friendly energy sources.


from the examples of renewable sources of energy existing in our country, for
me, solar energy is the best. Knowing that Philippines is located a little
north of the equator. Being near the equator, the Philippines receive the
vertical rays of sunlight. Take note that solar energy is free. We don’t need
fuel and produces no waste or pollution. Solar power can be used where there is
easy way to get electricity to a remote place. The high temperature from
sunlight is used to generate electricity. The Philippines is well positioned
for solar energy, not just in terms of geography. It also has a lot of room to
take advantage of the investments and jobs that can be created by future solar
power installations, as well as look forward to cheaper and cleaner power that
is not affected by geopolitics. Reducing fuel consumption makes solar an
economically viable electricity source for Philippine consumers and industries.


of the Filipino looks forward when they usually receive their monthly
electricity bills. Usually most of us expect the monthly Meralco bill is higher
specially every summer. Using solar technology is nonpolluting but is expensive
due to the high cost of processing silicon into solar cells. Yes, it is
expensive but it will last for 25 years. The solar panels are most efficient
during the summer months. There are various uses of solar energy such as
cooking, heating homes, power cars, to disinfect water, reduces electric bill,  and others. Knowing that solar panel is really
expensive, the government should focus on how to help poor community providing these
sources of energy specially one of their problem is having their own
electricity or paying less than the amount of their electricity bill. The sun
is very generous in its energy specially summer days when the sun shines
longer. Our country can also take advantage of its abundant sunlight. According
to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Philippines’ average solar radiation
ranges from 128-203 watts per square meter, or an average of 161.7 watts per
square meter, based on sunlight duration. Now that we are experiencing climate
change, why not focus on the energy released by the sun and convert to
electricity. Our country is blessed because of its position. Although there are
some disadvantages of using this source of energy, still more percentage of its
advantages in using of it. Our main concern is, knows the best source of energy
that cannot destroy and help our Mother Earth.

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