Marilyn Norma Jeane stayed in the Bolenders for

Marilyn Monroe. When people hear this name, some of them don’t know who Marilyn is so, they may ask who she is or what was she is known for or was she famous? Many people answer those questions and some say she is a legend but first, you need to know her story. Marilyn Monroe was famous for being a model and an actress but most importantly for her beauty.

           Marilyn Monroe was born on the 1st of July in 1926. She had big blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. Her mother Gladys registered her name as Norma Jeane Mortensen. Gladys, Norma Jeane’s mother, had been married to Martin Edward Mortensen but they got divorced a few months after their wedding. Later, Gladys found out she was pregnant with Norma Jeane and said that Martin was Norma Jeane’s father. Gladys didn’t know how to take care of Norma Jeane so she placed her in a foster home and paid Ida and Albert Bolender five dollars to take of her. Norma Jeane stayed in the Bolenders for 7 years.

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While Norma Jeane was there, her mother Gladys was suffering from a mental illness. Then, she went into a major depression and Norma Jeane stayed with Grace McKee who was a best friend of Gladys. Later, Norma Jeane went to an orphanage. Constantly, Norma Jeane would go home to home and so on.          In Norma Jeane’s teen years, she then moved to Grace’s house and lived with Grace’s family.

Norma Jeane got along well with Eleanor, one of Grace’s children. And she even made friends at her school because of Eleanor. She also got much attention from boys at her high school because of how beautiful she looked. One day, Norma Jeane met Jim Dougherty who gave her and Eleanor a ride to school every day. Over time, they became friends. Doc Goddard, Grace’s husband had announced that he had gotten a job in West Virginia and the whole family would be moving except Norma Jeane.

Gladys had custody of Norma and she refused for them to take her away. Grace didn’t want to put her in the orphanage again and she came up with the idea for Norma Jeane to get married.  So, she asked Jim’s mother to ask Jim if he was interested in marrying Norma Jeane, he liked the idea and so did Norma Jeane. They both got married on Friday, June 19, 1942. Unfortunately, her mother Gladys couldn’t attend at her wedding.After a couple weeks, she had turned 16.                     In 1944, Jim was called to the military and Norma Jeane went to go live with her mother-in-law.

She then went to work in an aircraft factory. One time, an army photographer named David Conover visited the factory Norma Jeane worked in which was called Radioplane. He was there to photograph female factory workers that were participating in the war effort. He notices Norma Jean and started to take a few pictures of her. He was impressed by her beauty and the way it was ease in front of the camera.

This is how her career in modeling started to form.  A bit later after David had come to take photos, Norma Jeane received a brochure from Emmeline Snively, one of Hollywood’s modeling agents. Since David showed Emmeline the pictures of Norma, she was impressed and wanted Norma Jeane in her modeling course. When Norma Jeane received the magazines that had her pictures, she realized that she was on every cover of those magazines. Later, Norma Jeane would struggle with who she was, the attention she got from her fans wouldn’t always be enough for her.

 jim then came back from the military and they got reunited. Norma Jeane started talking about her modeling career but he disapproved because he wanted her to be a housewife instead. She filed for a divorce later on in 1946.  In her modeling career, Norma Jeane was successful but she also had her bad moments. Emmeline had encouraged her to change her hair color to light blond.

 And she did change it.                Norma Jeane changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in 1946, the same year she was accepted to be pictures like they used to call it.  In 1947, after about 6 months being hired into Fox, Marilyn got her first film role.  Later on, she had her first speaking role and in her second film, she played a waitress in a jukebox joint for teenagers. A few days later after completing her film, her contract expired and she got fired. She took that advantage and she started to educate herself.

In 1948, Marilyn got a new contract at Columbia Studios. Natasha Lytess was her drama coach at Columbia. She saw Marilyn had talent, although Marilyn was a bit insecure, she learned to admit her skill. After a few months of training, she took her role in a film called ” Ladies of the Chorus”.  Again, after her film, she was fired because apparently, her 6-month contract wouldn’t be renewed.

Her career as an actress was up and down, but she never gave up on it and always took the opportunities she got. Fame came to Marilyn after other important roles in movies she took. In 1953, Marilyn received an award for the most popular actress in Hollywood. and she also got to be in Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”.

Marilyn continued to be very successful in being an actress, she married American baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. But they got a divorce a year after their marriage. She then was very upset about her divorce and took a break from Hollywood. Then, she continued her career later on and married Arthur Miller.

Her career as an actress got a bit more challenging and she started to feel lonely and not finding her true self. She got divorced again. Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe died on August 5 of 1962 of an overdose of sleeping pills. Many people decided to believe she didn’t take her own life but it is still a mystery to many. Marilyn Monroe was very loved and she still is now, she inspired others and showed that fame isn’t really everything.

Marilyn Monroe always is remembered and she will always be an icon to many.

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