Marketing objectives: Sweet Hybrid Seeds; American Sweet

Marketing Management 3 Assignment




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Figure 1: The brand naming process. 4


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1.1  Figure 1: The brand naming process























Table 1: The brand naming process
for Jeans Corn Company




Define brand

Jeans brand objectives are as follows: To
commercially grow sweet corn and sell it in Europe; importing hybrid seeds to
grow in France; to get an exclusive contract with a US seed company for the
Super Sweet hybrid seeds; getting Europeans to buy and taste American sweet

Generate names

These names have
been generated using the company’s objectives: Sweet Hybrid Seeds; American
Sweet Corn and French Hybrid Corn Seeds

Screen initial

The following
brand names have been eliminated due to double meanings or difficulty to
grasp: Sweet Hybrid Seeds is eliminated due to its vagueness and French
Hybrid Corn Seeds because the words ‘French’ and ‘Hybrid’ are give the brand
name a double meaning and it is too long to position on the

Evaluate possible
screened names

American Sweet
Corn (ASC) is Jeans new company name. Jean will have to do an international legal search until
the brand name is screened in all countries.

Conduct consumer
research on preferred

Europeans might perceive Jean brand name
differently. American Sweet Corn is a strong name because it is easy to remember
and defines the product, but how Europeans perceive Americans and the food
they eat could either be an upside or a downfall to the brand.

Select final name
to be

The final brand name is American Sweet Corn
(ASC) and it will enable the organisation to achieve its ultimate branding
and marketing objective which is getting Europeans to buy and taste American
sweet corn.






The promotion or
marketing communication mix is used to inform, persuade and remind the target
market and other organisational stakeholders. It is referred to as the
marketing communication mix because it is made up of different elements, namely
advertising, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling.


Table 2: The application of the
promotional mix to promote the company’s new brand of corn cob briquettes


Promotion mix


The application of the promotional mix to
promote the new brand of briquettes.


Advertising is the
activity of attracting public attention to a product or business.

The advertising
of new corn cobs pressed into briquettes can be advertised in the newspaper or magazine,
broadcasted on radio or television, or sent using electronic media.

Sales promotion

Stimulation of sales achieved through
promoting positive experiences and getting customers to try the brand.


Coupons, giveaways price deals,
discounts, demonstrations and competitions are examples of sales
activities that can be used to promote the new brand of briquettes.

Public relations

The practice of
building and preserving goodwill with the community.

Publicity can be
used as a form of communication to promote charitable causes, and other civic

Personal selling

Personal selling
is a two-way, communication process used to inform customers about new brands,
products and services and establish long-term relationships with the customers.

selling and samples of the new product can be given customers to persuade
them to try the new product.


Table 3: Common mistakes made by
brand managers and how to overcome them

Mistakes made by brand managers

Solutions to mistakes

The meaning of a brand

Understand the brand meaning and the
appropriate methods to market products.

The brand’s promises

Analyse and evaluate marketing efforts to
decide which activities will provide better delivery of results.

Support the brand adequately

Employ a range of supporting brand marketing

Being patient with the brand

Market the brand consistently with a
positive attitude

Controlling the brand

Position the brand properly in correlation with
the consumers’ perceptions of value of the brand.

Balancing consistency and change in a brand

Encourage innovation in the brands image
and personality.

Understanding the complexity of brand equity
measurement and management

Implement brand equity management system to
ensure that marketing actions properly reflect the brand equity.






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