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  Mason Pierce  Mr. Ronald Ramage  English IV  January 10, 2018  Electrical Lineman                           With Electrical Lineman being a growing trade now days there is a lot of money to be made if you are good at this skill. You cannot be afraid of heights or electricity. It is a very dangerous job but some are willing to take the risk. There are many different types of Lineman and many different jobs that can be done by the same person. The best way to get into the trade is to start as an apprentice and work under someone who knows what they are doing. There are also schools that people can attend to learn the trade.    A Journeyman lineman is a person who travels around the US and works with other   companies. A Journey man will have a contract he makes out for whoever he is working for at the time. A  J mans salary will depend where he is working and mainly weather he is on the ground in a bucket or up a pole. Pay is a major role in my decision to follow this career. This job requires you to climb the height of 500 feet at some locations.    TVA is an employer and complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding equal employment opportunities. If you enjoy traveling and working outdoors with electrical equipment, then this training program is for you. This apprenticeship leads you to the position of journeyman lineman. Apprentices assist journeymen lineman in simple functions related to constructing, servicing and maintaining miles of transmission and distribution lines. As your experience and ability increase, the work will be broadened to include more responsible phases of line work. It is your duty and responsibility to observe all safety regulations and protect your fellow employees. Protect public from hazardous conditions under your control. You will be required to complete satisfactorily certain technical and nontechnical training.     Any applicant or employee who believes that person has a wrongful claim must contact TVA must contact within 45 days for the claim to be taken care of. In order to be qualified for this apprenticeship, an apprentice should have a high school diploma or a GED certificate and have a license. Previous experience in electrical work is helpful. Candidates are required to pass the AIR test. There is a high demand for SLTC graduates in the industry that gives the students who are willing to relocate for fantastic career opportunities. Because they understand the value of the Electrical Lineman Program. former graduates, lineman already in the industry.        To start a real apprenticeship, you first must go through a few of the following steps. Go to school and pass the school, go get a job at TVA or any other company who hire lineman. Find a job under a contract Lineman. If you would like to have easier work go to a Selcat school. Selcat prepares apprentices for a lifetime profession by providing 7,000 hours of on the job training and related classroom instruction in just 3.5 years and apprentices earn while they learn. Each apprentice is also required to complete related instruction and study away from the job, at home or in the classroom. Selcat apprentices are trained in a state of the art training center, where they learn the most advanced and great skills and techniques for Linemen.                  Selcat apprentices also work beside of journeyman linemen and learn from the best instructors in the business. Apprentices are members of energy filled youth that actually work in the field to maintain power lines and substations. Apprentices perform maintenance work on energized distribution conductors, including pole replacement, changing insulators and cross-arms, changing and installing transformers. Apprentices perform rubber-glove work on energized primary circuits and hot stick work on distribution and sub transmission voltages, generally in the 2,400 to 34,500 volt range.      This shows some of the benefits, “SELCAT apprentices not only receive the very best skills and safety training available and on-the-job experience – they are also paid to learn a career.  The training provided through SELCAT enables apprentices to be employable throughout the year – which is a unique advantage because the demand for skilled lineman has never been higher.  College credit is available to graduates of the SELCAT apprenticeship program; they receive 25 semester hours of college credit through the American Council on Education, which can be applied toward continued college education.”                  In order for me to start the selcat program I will have to wait till august when the next position becomes open again and a new class starts at the school I would like to attend. In order to apply for the program there are a few steps to take. Transcripts must show evidence of successful completion of one full high school credit of algebra with a passing grade, or one post high school algebra course with a passing grade, or provide evidence of having successfully completed the course. When your application has been completed and all the requirements are complied, selcat will refer the completed application to the appropriate sub-committee for interview and ranking. Only those applicants who meet the minimum requirements of the training standards shall be considered.  Selcat is the program that starts new lineman to the job force for the rest of their life. It is the basis of all lineman, its where they start out and how they finish out in the work force is with this program.  There are also outside lineman, these guys mainly climb poles instead of doing ground work or riding in a bucket truck to work on the lines. They don’t do underground lines either. Outside Linemen mainly install and protect the overhead distribution and transmiter lines that move electric power from power plants to local consumers such as businesses, homes and factories. They also install and maintain poles and towers, underground systems and sub-stations that are required to power communities.  Outside line work is important and exhilarating, but it can also be physically and mentally demanding – and dangerous.  Much of the work is performed “in the air,” so it is a requirement to climb utility poles or towers, as well as work from a bucket truck. A phrase from SELCAT training center, “In High Demand  Communities need to remain powered – and their demands for electrical energy are constantly growing as new innovations in technology continue to develop. This has created a tremendous need for Outside Electrical Linemen to maintain existing systems and install new ones for growing communities.  On The Job  Outside Linemen work on energized lines and equipment, so they must be capable of performing their work at all times in a safe manner.  Most electrical-line work is performed outside; therefore, Linemen often work in poor and extreme weather conditions. Much of the emergency work Linemen perform is caused by extreme weather.  The job requires physical strength. Because much of the work they perform is at heights ranging from 40 to several hundred feet off the ground, Lineman must climb up and down metal towers, wood poles and other structures. They also must handle heavy equipment and other materials.  Travel is a requirement. Linemen often travel and live away from home. ”   There are seven steps to becoming a successful lineman in the SELCAT lineman in this program. ” Step 1 Determine if being an Apprentice is right for you , Step 2 Complete the Application Process , Step 3 Interview Day , Step 4 Scoring your Interview and the Ranking List , Step 5 Getting The Call , Step 6 Field Training and Classroom Instruction , Step 7 Program Completion”  In conclusion my southeast lineman research paper was great. It was over all the things that lineman do. All the things they can be and all the job opportunities out there for them. Interviews for the Electrical Lineman Apprenticeship are held through the year, with interviews scheduled monthly. To qualify for an interview each applicant must have a complete application in our office by the appointed date.                     Work cited  

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