Master to another highly-promising venture in (2007) a


siomai is a food cart franchising business developed by masrerrific foods, an
11-years old company specializing in the production and distribution of
processed meat, such as ham, bacon , burger parries and soimai to its diverse
client ranging from hotels, restaurant and market place.(


     According to the master siomai , this
business ,is still strong seven years (7) after it will established the success
and experience of masterrific led it to another highly-promising venture in
(2007) a food cart franchising. To our business it is not easy to make, because
it is not easy to make it. Filipinos are fond of eating carp siomai , with a
hot chili sauce and Filipinos are love for eating siomai. Yes some people are
not eating carp siomai, because it is fishy, they love eat an ordinary siomai
unlike to carp siomai.

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     Of all street food in the Philippines
siomai is as close to my favorite as it gets. It is basically a small ball of
pork or beef covered in a light filo style pastry and steamed. Then on the
street served up in little trays with a choice of chill sauce, light sauce and                                                  
                                                                                              soy sauce.


different formats in the market such as: pizza, waffle, fish ball, siomai,rice
toppings, baked goodies, rice in a bowl, hotdog and a lot more. Masterrific
Foods was considered as the “Pioneer Japanese siomai Maker” Introducing “Master
Siomai” in the market. Master siomai started small just five (5) outlets
located along C.M. Recto, Manila. While food cart business was relatively
unknown during the 90″s, Master Siomai still became one of the best if not the
leading in the food business. (








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