Media Lapses in the Quirino Grandstand

Background of the Study It was August 23, 2010 when the whole world alarmed in one of the most tragic hostage taking happened in Quirino Grandstand Manila, Philippines. Many people were sad and shocked to what happened in the said event.

At about 9:30 in the morning, dismissed commission police officer Rolando Mendoza took hostage 25 tourists from Hongkong and some Filipino staff who were in a bus to leave Fort Santiago for Manila’s Rizal Park.The ensuing hostage lasted 11 hours and ended with nine individuals, including the hostage taker, dead. 1 and the other hostages were injured. According to the report Mendoza is a hard-working and kind. He received lots of award for being brave and loyal to his profession.

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Mendoza said he was summarily dismissed without the opportunity to properly defend himself, and that all he wanted was a fair hearing. 2 and to get his job back. He did this way just to get attention the government official.As we all know Media is the most likely source of information for most people. In this kind of situation it is very dangerous job for the media because he has to put himself in a place that should be right. 3 But in what happened in the Quirino Grandstand Hostage taking crisis it seem that many media people were blamed because they reported beyond the limit. We are in the fact that a media person serve as access of information of issues that are of public concern even if they are at risk.

There were many media lapses in that incident. Towards the evening of the hostage taking, many media networks were covering the hostage taking crisis live. Among none of them did it seem to have occurred to that irresponsible coverage of the event could cost lives. 4 Some of them during the hostage event reported the unconfirmed information, they revealed the police and troops movement and many more lapses that caused the anger of Mendoza.In this situation, why media people did this way? Is it just because they want to be famous? to compete networks? for credibility? It’s not just like that, the media people should know their guidelines, limits, and endpoints in covering a hostage taking.

With these issues concerning media, they should bear in their minds that in every thing and action they will do, every news they gathered, it affects every individual especially to those who were concerned in that situation.


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