Meenakumari, size of 102 Singaporean working adults and

Meenakumari, (2013) studied the impact of visual cues on retailing in Chennai city. Various factors of visual cues were analyzed i.e. promotional signage, fixtures, entrance, store space, lighting, and color. She took the sample size of 105.

The result of this study divulge that store floor space and promotional approaches have the significant impact on buyer’s decision process. Impact of visual cues is seen more in women than men.Kacen, et al., (2012) examine the impact of retailing factors and product attributes on consumer impulsive buying behavior in the grocery store. The result of the study shows that attributes of products have the significant impact on impulsive buying, fifty percent more than retailing elements. Three product features i.e. hedonistic nature, easy to use and product price, among these hedonic nature of product have a high influence on impulsive buying.

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From Retailer elements, i.e. promotional approaches, in-store design and presentation of the product, an in-store design has a significant impact on impulse buying. Research finding proposes that if retailers appropriately utilize product display technique and promotional activities, retailers can invigorate impulse buying behavior.Pornpitakpan, et al., (2017) explore the impact of salesperson retail service quality and consumer mood on the unplanned buying behavior of clothing consumer in Singapore. They took the sample size of 102 Singaporean working adults and used non-probability convenient sampling technique the result of the study revealed that superior salesperson retail service quality influence consumer buying behavior and greater chances of a consumer to revisit the store.

A consumer in enthusiastic and happy mood show high unplanned buying than those consumers who were in a negative mood.Tafesse & Korneliussen (2012) analyze the customer related factors and retailer factors which influence on impulse buying. Customer-related factors include impulsive buying propensity and time pressure.

Store environmental cues, atmosphere, and product miscellany. Research reveals that consumer impulsive buying propensity and all three retailor related factors have the positive influence on impulse buying while consumer time pressure results in the small number of purchasing. Research recommends that by displaying product in a clear. Easy to perceive, easily accessible, the retailer can influence customers to buy on impulse. Sabir, et al., (2015) studied the influence of promotional approaches, the stunning display of product, an environment of the store, less price on impulse buying behavior of customers. The study population includes people who visit the shopping mall in Sahiwal, Pakistan.

They have taken the sample size of 140 respondents, measured 16 item with five-point Likert scale. Data analyzed through SPSS.Cronbach alpha test used to check the reliability of the data. Multiple regression analysis models are used to find the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The finding of the study reveals that there is the positive relationship between promotional approaches, an environment of the store, price reduction and stunning display of product with impulse buying behavior.Tendai & Crispen (2009) stated that store presentation, a behavior of customers, coupons, advertising and product price are the important factors that provoke impulsive buying. Less price, discount, coupon and other factors which relate to economic nature trigger impulse buying among penurious people.

Factors of store atmosphere like scent, music, lighting, color may motivate the customer to stay in the store but didn’t trigger impulse buying.Karbasivar & Yarahmadi (2011) analyzed the impact of external variables on the unplanned buying behavior of customers. Window display, promotional approaches, and credit card were independent variable and impulse buying taken as dependent variable. The finding of study 

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