Meralco Issues

Profile Meralco marches on to its 108th year of service in 2011. Consistently in the list of the Philippines’ top five corporations and cited among Asia’s finest, Meralco today serves over 4. 8 million residential, commercial and industrial customers. It is strategically located to serve the country’s center of commerce and industry and its hub of government services and infrastructures.

It services about 30 manufacturing economic zones, which also compete in the global market. Likewise, the Company caters to providers of outsourced business processes, both domestic and international.Meralco’s 9,337 sq. km. franchise area covers 31 cities and 80 municipalities including Metro Manila, the entire provinces of Bulacan, Rizal and Cavite; parts of the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, Batangas and Pampanga. Electrification level in the franchise area is 99%. The franchise area is home to 25. 5 million people, roughly a quarter of the entire Philippine population of 94 million, for whom it commits to deliver adequate, reliable, quality and affordable electric service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.

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Mission To provide our customers the best value in energy, products and services.Vision To be a world-class company and the service provider of choice. Objective To protect and enhance the interests of its stakeholders by committing itself to the following principles: 1. The Customers are its reason for being, and therefore, they should always be treated with dignity. The Company must be fully responsive to their needs.

The Company has the responsibility to: 2. The Employees are its most valued asset, and therefore, they should always be treated with dignity and with full consideration of their interest. The Company has the responsibility to: 3.Its Investors are its principals, and therefore, the trust they have placed in the company must be honored.

The Company has the responsibility to: 4. The Suppliers and Creditors are its business partners and, therefore, the relationship with them must be based on mutual respect and benefit. The Company has the responsibility to: 5. The Competitors are its catalyst toward continuing service excellence and, therefore, the competition with them should be fair and honest, a basic requirement for national development in the distribution of products and services to the community.

The Company has the responsibility to: 6. The Community is its business environment and the society it serves. The Company has the responsibility to: 7. Employ proactive measures and cooperate with the government and non-government institutions in activities to serve society towards a collective benefit. Crisis Management Overcharging Costumers MERALCO is said to have been overcharging its consumers for two reasons: 1) To get sky-high profits, 2) the company is passing on charges it has from multinational deals to its consumers. Be transparent and show the public that the company is giving just and reasonable considering the high taxes, operational expenses and other costs the company entails. •Produce TVC using prominent personalities to persuade the consumers to listen to MERALCO.

•The company must do what it can to lower down the rates as long as the company will still be financially stable. Unregulated Monopoly MERALCO is the largest supplier of electricity in the country. It is given a congressional franchise to exclusively distribute power in Luzon. Show the public that even without the government’s regulatory provisions, the company has and always will give in to the public interest and will not dare create balloon profit out of overcharging the public. Government Overtake The government have been trying to take control of MERALCO because of the aforementioned issues. •Battle with the government and contest their reason as to why they must do the former. •Provide press releases to different media.

•Exchange Open letters with government officials •The company owners and high officials must be present in meetings. •Conduct press conferences. References: •http://www.

meralco. com. ph

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