MGT400 title Datuk by the Sultan of

Student’s Name : Muhammad Firdaus Afiq Haziq bin Karim
Student’s ID : 2018200976
Student’s IC Number : 990816045507
Student’s Class : AC2201A
Lecturer’s Name : Nor Intan Shamimi Abdul Aziz


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The leader that I identify is Datuk Wan Mohammad Sani Salleh who is Director of Sani United Sdn Bhd (SUSB). He was born 24 July 1976 and he was fourth from six siblings. He went studies in Sunway College in 1994 in Diploma in Business Management. The achievement for Datuk Sani is he was conferred Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) which carries the title Datuk by the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah (June 2009) and the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award Malays Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM) Kuala Lumpur in April, 2009.

As we know as the managing director Datuk Sani must developing and providing the business strategy as to make the change to the company. He also have vision to improve the company to be a part of global stage in business. Now, the company of Sani United Sdn Bhd expands its wing into the market of hospitality, transportation, terminal mangement and engineering. It is patroage under the Datuk Wan Mohammad Sani Salleh who dare and confident what he do and the result he be one of the succesful young entrepeneurs in Malaysia.
Interpersonal role
Interpersonal role is required manager to involve interaction inside and outside organization where it is divided by three role of interpersonal manager. The three role played by manager is figurehead, leader and liaison. As the head of units the manager must fulfill their duties to attend ceremonial in nature like community function, social event and so on. Example, Datuk Sani and the team SUSB make the program of Harian Metro Futsal Carnival success with give the support with the transport. Next, as leader of the organization, manager must be responsibilities as the achievement is that success or failure. To ensure that organization goals met, manager must work together with their group. Example, in the year where the partnership of Datuk Sani is make the revocation, Datuk only have one employee and all the discussion and decision be made after ask the opinion from the employees. It was the group working that given successful of Sani United Sdn Bhd (SUSB).
Informational role
As the leader, manager must alert the surrounding with the dynamics change and identify the opportunity. Indeed, manager must played informational role as the monitor, disseminator and the spokesperson. Firstly, manager must give attention with the environment inside and outside organization to know the opportunity in economics and know what happen in organization. Example like Datuk Sani Salleh, he know public transport is opportunity for him to grab and although he must take the risk and he also not forget with the employee to give the opinion. Datuk also do some analyze and arrange the strategy before he take opportunity in this industry. As monitor, Datuk also make the experience himself which is he always turn back Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu with the public bas transport the make him to do the service better for the customer comfort with the long distance travel. Next, manager must be a disseminator which is give the information that he got to the organization to make the change in certain things. Example, Datuk give the information that he got to make all the things that the strategy come smooth. So from the information that Datuk give to organization can be apply like the track that Sani buses used is not too highly cost and also make the profit. Lastly, spokesperson where the information is given is clear and it is not only to organization but also to the outsider from organization. As Datuk wants to make the loan from the loan institution, the presentation from Datuk must be clear to make the outsider convinced with his business. Same goes to the supplier, to avoid mistakes happen from the order so one can reduce the cost at the same time.

Decision role
The decision role is important as manager to make the conclusion from the information. Firstly, the manager must play the role as the initiator or other words called by entrepreneur role which is always have the innovative thinking to grab the opportunity as well as to compete with other competitor. Example, Datuk Sani Salleh used the double decker bus concept to make the customer comfort and it can reduce the cost and gain the profit. Next, manager must be disturbance handler where the manager must solve the conflict immediately with the environment. Like Sani Enterprise Sdn Bhd had conflict where the one of the Sani Express Bus accident and 10 person died in the incident. This had effect to the trusted of customer Sani Express and the image become worst and the reputation down. But, Sani United Sdn Bhd do the other alternative to improve the image of transport Sani Express. It was the short time taken to do and make the effectiveness with longer. Next, resource allocator is about how to arrange the limited source of organization to use by all organization to achieve the goals. Datuk Sani have arrange the fund for use in the company to gain the profit. Lastly, negotiator which is as the representative in the group work or organization to be consultant. Example, Datuk Sani be a dealer with the bank get the fund to start the business in early year he involve with transportation business. With the strategic strategy and clear information given by him so he get the fund to start business.

Conceptual concept
Conceptual concept required managers to see the whole of organization and know how to arrange the each organization. Indeed manager must have skill to adapt with the environment, so can make the long term strategies to make the organization successful in the future. In the way, manager must create strategic way as the map to the organization. As the top management, Datuk Sani have the vision to take the SUSB to with the buses high technology in Malaysia.
Human skill
Human skill is about how manager can understand their employee such the motivational that as leader of group given to subordinate to make sure the subordinate keep maintain in the task give to achieve the goals in the organization. Datuk always monitor the organization and keep give the motivation to them for them going forward to achieve the goals of organization.

Technical skill
Technical skill is more to the first-line-manager who are the responsibilities directly with the product had been produce or services that given to the customer. This skill need the knowledge in how to use the tools, technique and procedure. As the top management, Datuk Sani also get the knowledge from the person who have the experience like the mechanics and driver buses to know what the good services can serve to the customer. As that Datuk used the double-decker bus as the safety quality for customer and not only that, the bus has the limited speed used in the engine. This is the example Datuk concern about customer and give the excellent services to customer.
In my opinion, we can see in the organization must have strategies to keep forward to compete with other organization. In order, when something task or goals has been made by the authority the managerial must set up their organization goals anyway to achieve the authority goals. So there are where manager use to make it the managerial in organization is going smooth where they must have a planning, organizing, leading and controlling. It is important to make all the task be complete with successful without any mistakes or problem.

First and foremost, it is how the manager can planning to their organization to make sure the goals have been set up is going smooth. In the organization, we have a system hierarchy which is top level managerial must prepare the long term plans which that is called strategic planning must exceeds five year for time period. Secondly, the middle level management must prepare medium-term plans that below of five year time period. And lastly, the lower level managers that called first line manager must prepare short-term or be known as operational planning and the time period below one year. The organization must keep on the track to achieve main goals in the organization which is they have to planning. Planning involves setting goals and defining the actions necessary to achieve these goals.

Secondly, the managerial of organizing is about the task who will do and how those the task will be managed and coordinated. The managerial must organized their group work to make sure information, resource and task flow logically and efficiently through the organization. Example, Datuk Wan Sani organize the resource like a funding to make the process of plan smooth like he invested build the own building of the Sani Express to make sure all the branch transaction is ongoing with smooth.

Next, leading is about the leader must have capability to lead the group of work. Besides that, leader must understand the behavior of the individual because some person with another behavior like lazy to do some task so leader must know how to handle it. As that manager must motivate the employees as to be effective leader. Only through effective leadership the goals of organization be achieved. 3C’s of leadership model is competent, character and commitment. The leader must be a highly competent that is necessary to making decision, be a strong character that having integrity and have a commitment to their community that is to be concerned about people and issued about themselves. Example, Datuk Wan Sani Salleh be the model to the employees so that the employees will follow the behavior of Datuk Wan.
Lastly, controlling which is important to management function to manager ensures is the process used the standard have been set up or not. As that controlling ensures that utilization of organization resources have used with efficiently as to achieve the planned goals. It is requires to managers take a look between the planned and the actual result. If the performance not working like the plan, manager must do the corrective action as required as the plans needed. Control where the functions as to see the organization as moving toward the achievement of it goals. Example, Datuk Wan Mohamad Sani Salleh make the controlling in the standard operating procedure which is give the passenger in the bus feel safe when travel with Sani Express bus. The Sani Express is used the SCANIA engine where they have limit of speeding and the driver could not drive exceeds 90 km/h because the engine have the Engine Controlling Unit (CEU) where it is functions control bus speeding and lock the speed limit each buses.

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