Modeled models are a means of ensuring that

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Modeled after Pole Star Experiential Learning’s PEP© (Professional Edge Platform), HHELP© is designed to provide both hands-on experiences as well a written credentialing of skills that can be used to show future employers or educators your commitment to excellence when you go. You will be given an opportunity to grow professional competencies and be awarded “Seals” for each demonstration of business excellence in each competency area.

You will begin by familiarizing yourself more with various competencies from different business models and ideologies:  The core competencies of business, the competency domains from public health, and holistic health competencies. We start with the core competencies of business because many of us ask, “What does it take to do a job well?” However, there’s more to it than that.There are skills and knowledge that are necessary for effectiveness in certain jobs, especially in health care. Beyond the academic training does the employee have the appropriate skills and knowledge, or is some kind of competency-based training necessary? Are these job expectations aligned with the culture and strategy of the organization that you belong to as a whole?These questions are essential to performance improvement efforts and competency modeling is designed to help you find answers to these specific types of questions.

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 A competency model is a descriptive tool that identifies the skills, knowledge, personal characteristics, and behaviors needed to effectively perform a role in your organization and help that business meet its strategic objectives. Competency models are a means of ensuring that your employer’s investment in you will yield the expected results. Employers use these cutting-edge guides to:                           •  Clarify job and work expectationsHire the best available peopleMaximize productivityEnhance a 360° feedback processAlign behavior with organizational strategies and valuesAdapt to changeThe study of these core competency concepts provides fresh insights on what makes employees valuable to an organization and how they can keep productive employees on the job. Employees will understand how to increase their personal marketability by developing specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes (SKA). Managers and supervisors will find the tools and resources to make employees more valuable and policymakers can drive change and business improvement through the application of competency modeling processes.


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