Modern oil industry in order to keep their

Modern civilization has utilized oil for everyday needs. Although many people don’t realize it oil is used for electricity, transportation, and the production of plastics. Due to the significant use, and need, countries need to focus in on the oil industry in order to keep their nation structured and running. Considering energy is not an everyday commodity, oil which is needed to produce energy, calls for nations to be actively involved in the purchasing of oil, and selling of oil. Oil being so important to the world, had allowed many countries in the Middle East to become a major influence in world politics. The Middle East hold the most oil reserves and its is noted that it contains 65.5 percent of the world’s oil. Oil had caused many of the world’s leading nations to be active in purchasing oil, and therefore countries are able to create bonds with other countries due to this. The Middle East controls the majority of the market and it has affected relationships with countries. This paper will evaluate how oil is significant and how it has affected world politics.
The multi billion dollar industry of oil has impacted the world affecting it in all aspects of society. The significance it has on the economic part of the world is major. The oil industry keeps the world running, and the effects it has on the world is both positive and negative. Oil prices affect an economy majorly. In the late 1980s and early 1990s the shortage of oil production called for an increase in price. The oil wells located throughout America especially in Texas,
were going through a drought. The fast growing America, also called for an apparent and urgent demand for oil. As technology advanced so did means of obtaining oil. Oil wells that were considered depleted were back in production as the inventions of the oil drill and pump extract allowed for oil to be extracted from the wells again. Oil also impacts everyday things that people may not realize or take into account. The rise or decline in oil impacts costs of manufacturing across the world. For example the price of oil affects the cost of airfares and transportation costs. If the price of oil rises, airfare and transportation costs come to a high. If the price of oil decrease the price of gas and transportation costs become cheaper. Fluctuations in oil prices have influenced major recessions and major companies coming to a state of bankruptcy. Oil price throughout the 1900s have been examined by investors in order to help business out. The direct correlation of oil and the price of things, allow oil to be a major figure in the economy. Unrelated products to oil also are affected by the price of oil. Airfare, transportation, and gas all contribute to goods being delivered from one country to another, and people visiting other countries by using methods of airfare.
Oil is needed for the economy to run. In the past century cars and trucks have relied on oil in order to run. The price of oil cause people to spend more money or less money on gas. Therefore it affects the amount of money people spend on filling their vehicle up and take a taxi cab. It affects the fares and how people spend their money. Oil has enabled people to travel to places that they have or wouldn’t be able to have gone to before. But along with the benefits of oil usage there is also a negative side to oil usage. Oil usage cause pollution and affects the

enviorment majorly. Using oil for transportation purposes as well as using oil to heat rooms comes at a price. Oil impacts the environment in a series of ways. Oil spills occur throughout the country often destroying ecosystems and waterways. There have been a numerous amount of oil spills that have occurred throughout the world. The Arabian gulf and Kuwait oil spill was one of the worst oil spills in history. Although this wasn’t an accidental oil spill, the intentionality of it was an attempt to prevent American troops from landing during the gulf war. The 4 inch thick oil was spread across 4,000 miles in the persian gulf. The cleanup of the oil spill was approximately 60 billion dollars. It affected Kuwait’s region. The disastrous damage of more than 700 oil plants in the Kuwait peninsula destroyed and contaminated Kuwait’s land until the late 1990s. The oil contaminated fresh water throughout the country. The environmental damage was valued at 35 billion dollars as well. The cleanup and spill affected the air, causing massive air pollution and it also affected the temperature.
fNot only does oil affect the enviorment it also affects those that call the enviorment home and that inhabit it. Panlts and animals lose their homes and are majorly affected b the oil. The oil affects plants and animals in multiple ways. The effects of the cleanup from the oil directly causes there to be chemicals and also from the actual oil placed in the region. These ways harm living thins because it contains many chemicals and posins thats are injested by the animals making them sick. Along with digestion, exposure on the animals bodies as well as inhalation of the oil cuases animals to become sick. Oil also takes away abilites of the animals. Birds for example become coated int he thick oil therefore they are not able to fly and fish that are also coated in oil cannot swim. Being surronded in oil cause irratation to the eye causing fish to pass away. It states in the Office of Oil Response and Restorations “Spilled oil can harm living things because its chemical constituents are poisonous. This can affect organisms both from internal exposure to oil through ingestion or inhalation and from external exposure through skin and eye irritation”.

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