Monologue talk to distract them. Have you read



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Oh, ah, hi. Why is everyone looking at me? Stop, look away. Please. If you don’t I will tell all my friends about you and they won’t like that , I will tell all of them, im not bluffing. *insecure laugh* . Im very tough don’t tempt me, I don ‘t want to do this. I’ve been to the gym before. There not scared at all. Okay okay, im sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. *pacing* I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. They saw through my amazing plan. How did they know I was bluffing the whole time? Wait, I will use small talk to distract them. Have you read my book, it’s a real good one, a very detailed and exhilarating plot it will leave you asking for more. There is a shop across the street, just head over there to buy it. Like now. *be smiling then change to a frown* Oh, no, what have I done. Now they will want an autograph, just joking I haven’t wrote a book. That was my brother Waldo. He is really brave, exiting, thrilling and he has a girlfriend. Not saying that I don’t or anything or umm. He doesn’t even blend in with crowds like I do, he just has a lot of friends. And what kind of a name is Waldo, more like waldon’t. Did he hear me say that, he might pull down my pants like he did in middle school, oh the embarrassment. Oh, you’re still watching?
I’ve dug myself into a hole here. What should I do? I will just do what I do best, Oh my god look over there, its a oh my lord I can’t even describe it just look. *Blend into crowd*… Its, a very good show, yes indeed, I liked that one Wally guy he was pretty good. I’m just going to get a nice beverage, I will be right back. *walk off*. I’m good at what I do.

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