Montag help them invite knowledge in their lives

Montag brings a book to read a poem from in front of Mildred and her friends. After he is done, Mrs.Bowles says, “I’ve always said, poetry and tears, poetry and suicide and crying and awful feelings, poetry and sickness; all that mush! Now I’ve had it proved to me. You’re nasty, Mr.Montag… silly awful hurting words… Why do people want to hurt people?”(97) After sharing this knowledge with someone, Montag felt really content, even when they were upset. He tried to help them invite knowledge in their lives because according to him, emotion brings a satisfaction in life. But they were unable to understand and experience a true emotion that poetry had. Once Mrs.Phelps starts crying however, Mrs. Bowles emphasis that poetry and any book, in general, is bad. She thinks that it always hurts people. This explains why people in this society don’t read any books or favor anything that gives them knowledge and emotions. Through the point that Mrs. Bowles make, we can interpret that the majority of the society only want things that make them feel happy. They don’t want to experience more complex emotions, like dissatisfaction, anger, sorrow, longing, etc. Nothing that will emotional impact on their brains. The only kind of things that people like Mrs.Bowles want and enjoy are random facts, the latest gossip, and the latest happenings in the shows they watch in their parlors. Most of the people waste their time in watching TV, which is the reason why they are self-centered and are unable to build long lasting relationships. Individuals in this society believes that lack of knowledge will bring happiness and has created a fake reality for them to live in. However, Montag is unable to fit in the society anymore, because he believes that true happiness is only possible when there is knowledge in life.     The battle of having knowledge and personal freedom is essential in Fahrenheit 451  because Bradbury demonstrates what happens when a man is not given the opportunity to  have knowledge and express his thoughts or remember his past. Through Clarisse, the unidentified woman, Mildred, and Beatty, we see the consequences of what happens when humans aren’t allowed to fully express their individuality and choice. Through the characters of Montag and Faber you can see how one individual can make a difference in society if they have their personal freedom and fully realize the importance of books, as well as willingness to fight for the opportunity, to express themselves, and most importantly have knowledge.

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