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individuals don’t believe there is anything called video game addiction. But
according to the most current research, 6 to 15 percent of all gamers display
signs or behaviors that could be portrayed as addiction and some researchers
are as of now marking such conduct as “Internet Addiction Disorder
(IAD)”. Gaming isn’t limited to any age as it is for both young and old,
therefore, any person of any age can get addicted.

addicts also show addictive behaviors like those that are seen in substance
abuse. So if an individual tolerates extended periods of gaming or becomes
plainly hopeless and bad-tempered when prevented from doing the activity, he is
as of now affected by compulsive gaming disorder. Though this disorder can have
huge outcomes to those suffering from it such as getting violent or depressed
when they are prevented from playing and then that individual keeps on playing
despite knowing about the adverse results that are brought by the activity,
then the conditions may now be seen as a full-blown addiction. As parents, if
you notice your child is becoming so addicted to gaming, for example, if your
child regularly avoids sleeping or eating appropriate dinners in order to keep
gaming or he or she secludes himself or herself from others in order to play
video games and pass up a family occasion, outings with friends, or other
events; and this issue is not addressed properly, it would definitely have some
side effects which include:

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Ø  Hunger

Ø  Fatigue

Ø  Sleep disorder

Ø  Diet-related health issues

Ø  Lack of friends. Etc.


games and its equipment can be quite costly, particularly when factoring in
repeating costs, for example, the fast Internet connection needed for online
multiplayer games. These games can likewise be extremely time-consuming, leaving
addicted gamers with limited time to concentrate on their career or education.
The best solution for parents to correct this addiction problem is by:

Setting limits; limiting the involvement and the
time spent on playing videogames can prevent the predominance of video game
addiction. You as a parent can begin by actualizing strict time plans on
staying in front of game consoles. However, since there is no age limit for this
addiction, adults can also limit themselves by enrolling in therapy sessions
where they can get better in different areas of their lives.


Make them earn it: Some families set a 3
to 1 rule on video games meaning for every three hours you read or accomplish something
positive, you get one hour of video game time.


Alternative Activities: Engage your kid in
alternative activities, for example drawing or writing. Take some time out and
urge them to accomplish something creative or rationally stimulating which
would likewise give you the chance to spend quality time with them.


Outdoors: Urge them to go and playoutside with
their friends as video games can be an escape for kids who find it difficult to
communicate with people. Therefore, it is the parents’ obligation to discover
means to develop their child’s social skills from a youthful age.

habitual gaming disorder and video game addiction has finally affected a huge
number of the total world populace, numerous countries have taken the pro-active
measure in responding to the problems. So since nobody would ever avert
utilizing computer nowadays, at school or at the office, scholars predict that
this sort of disorder would be substantiallyharder to

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