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Most Americans have a clear and firm stance on the death penalty, no matter where they are sitting on the totem pole . Proponents of such punishment argue that this is a deterrent to crime and is being justified. My opinion on the death penalty is that it is an outdated and ineffective punishment that has no real benefit to society and harms the entire society more than society does.When we look at the death penalty as a deterrent to the same crimes against others, we just need to refute this with the rest of the world as an example. In all parts of the world, we can see that the incidence of murder and other violent crimes is far lower than that of the United States in those countries where there is no death penalty. This seems counterintuitive, but the evidence is clear.We can also clearly see that many people in the United States have also committed these terrible crimes and are fully aware that the death penalty exists. Under the current heat, the existence of a death penalty and the possibility of facing such punishment often do not cross their minds when they are confused and logically wrong, leading them to change their behavior. The consequences of their actions are not at the forefront of their minds, and they are doing these things. We can see that the number of violent crimes year after year in this country has been increasing.There are also widely publicized false convictions of individuals who have been executed or are waiting to be punished, showing innocence. It is too late for those innocent people who have already executed the death penalty. Moreover, in the timely detection of innocence, we can only thank it not too late. Surely someone has been mistakenly accused and convicted, and for every case we have been exposed we must remember that we may have many more things that we have never heard of before. Even an innocent man goes to death, which in itself is a crime. We also look at the mental capacity of convicted persons and the sentence they have been sentenced. If a person is mentally incapacitated to deal with and understand what they are doing, it is morally wrong to carry out this act.In examining the ethical issues surrounding the death penalty, it is also crucial to assess whether cruel and unusual punishment exists. Progress has been made in the technology used to make the death penalty, aimed at alleviating human suffering and suffering. But in fact, the only person who can prove its effectiveness is the person who is being executed. We can not say with certainty whether anybody was excessively harmed while executed and whether everything should be so as to ensure a quick and painless death.And, yes, some would think that death marked by pain and suffering is part of just that. However, according to the Supreme Court, when we try to position ourselves as a country with a higher standard than our most serious criminal, we should at least allow our justice system to work as it should. Moreover, the Supreme Court never advocated the use of cruel and unusual punishment. We believe that we are more compassionate and benevolent than those who committed such terrible crimes, and we should prove that by showing them that they deny the humanity of others rather than sink to their level.Arguments or opposition to the death penalty have been heatedly debated in the history of our country, and all parties have their own strong points of view. When we look at the evidence around the world about the effectiveness of the death penalty as a deterrent and the moral plight of individuals who are potentially innocent or mentally impotent, it is easy to see how the death penalty is done against our community.

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