Motivation Flexible benefits, Job Enrichment, Variable-Pay Programs,

Motivation is defined as the processes the account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward getting attaining a goal. While general motivation is concerned with effort toward any goal, we will focus on organisational goals due to our interest in work-related behaviour.

Concept: Organisational motivation programmes
There are 5 different organisational motivation programmes. They are Flexible benefits, Job Enrichment, Variable-Pay Programs, Employee Involvement Programs and Employee Recognition Programs.

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Flexible benefits allow employees to pick and choose from a menu of benefits options. Facebook focuses on the ‘Putting People First’ strategy. Facebook has seven pillars of benefits. They are health, community, family, growth, finance, convenience and time away. Facebook provide different flexible benefits for different region

Health: Health benefits includes insurance and wellness of employee. Facebook provides doctors around the world and provides dental care for the employees. They also provide wellness allowance and finances gym memberships or any health related activities for the employees. These benefits that Facebook provide will keep employees healthy and make them feel that they are being taken care of while working for them.

Community: It includes helping the community and encourages employees to have hobbies. Facebook provides hobby clubs for employees and have also donated $45 billion worth of Facebook shares. Facebook also have a Global Causes Day, where employees share causes that they care about. Lastly, Facebook support for family planning.

Family: Family benefits includes providing the employees in Facebook with opportunities to learn and grow. This will allow employees to feel assured that they will be able to keep their job despite being unable to work while taking care of their first or newborn child. Facebook also provides “baby cash” or $4,000 for new parents.

Growth: This includes learning and growing opportunities for employees. Facebook has a bootcamp program for employees. The bootcamp program enable engineers to network with other, contribute how much they want and create unity. With this boot camp, there will be an increase in employee job satisfaction, greater productivity, increased employee morale and less supervision.

Finance: Finance benefits include rewarding performance and impact. Facebook offers saving and investment programs to help employee build their financial goals. Some examples are life insurance and medical insurance. This allow employee to feel that their future is secure.

Convenience : This include being ease to employees on a daily basis. Facebook provide are conveniences such as free food, laundry service and shuttle buses. Facebook also focus on mobility, each employee is given a laptop instead of desktop computer. This allow employees to do work everywhere they are comfortable with. Facebook allow for flexible scheduling for employee.

Time away: This include career break and parental leave. Full-time employees in Facebook get generous paid vacation days. Facebook provides four months of paid time off for new mothers and fathers, within the first year of child’s birth or adoption.

This shows that employees are allowed to choose a benefit package that is most suited to his/her own needs and situation.

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