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Last updated: May 26, 2019

 MULLANGI SAI SATYA SUJITH REDDY ‘Success is ajourney, not the destination’.

This is one of my favorite precepts and at thispoint in my life where I have just completed my under graduation, my futureunfolds in front of me like a maze; this maxim has never influenced my lifemore than this before. As I stand at the vestibule of completing myundergraduate study, after carefully weighing the various career options opento me, I have decided to pursue Masters study in Computer Science.  I had alwayswanted to be a knowledge seeker. With this intention in mind, I exhibited greathard work, intelligence, positivity towards education, which favored inyielding laurels from my teachers in school and stood among the second place inthe final exams of higher secondary education (School of Secondary Certificate)with 93.

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5% of marks. Then I completed my 12th standard (Board of IntermediateEducation) with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as majors with an aggregateof 91.2%. A natural aptitude for mathematics, a sense of logic, analyticalability, capacity for diligent work and high academic credentials secured me aplace at SASTRA University, which is one of the most prestigious colleges ofthe country. I got selected through an All India Engineering Entrance Examinationconducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education of India. Choosing Informationand Communication Technology  as myundergraduate major was driven by my passion for Computers, my fascination for ComputerSciences in post graduation. The rigorous curriculum provided me with a strongand comprehensive background in Data Structures, Computer Architecture,Operating Systems, Microprocessors, Object Oriented Programming, DatabaseManagement Systems and Software Engineering.

Apart from these, I was trained inother specialized subjects such as Telecommunication, Electronic Circuits,Theory of Computing, Networks, Data Mining and Data Warehousing. The relatedlaboratory work developed in me, is an appreciation for the repertoire ofengineering principles and their practical relevance. I take full responsibility for the gradesthat I earned early on. I was more into acquiring technical knowledge being anactive contributor to various Open Source Organizations and travel within Indiaand US as a result I was not able to attend my University classes on a regularbase. I didn’t realize the effort that it would take to be successful in theUndergrads. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I have consistently improvedresulting in better grades in 7th and 8th semester. My interest towards BigData and Cloud Computing helped me achieve an ‘A’ grade in Final Year project. I havesuccessfully coordinated in designing a research paper on “BrainFingerprinting” and presented the talk in SAMHITA International Conferencein SASTRA University.

Being also a security enthusiast, I had worked upon amini project on “Emerging Security Threats”. As a part of my Finalyear project, I have worked extensively upon Data management on Cloud Computingfor which I was offered as an exchange student with scholarship in PlymouthUniversity, UK. However, for my MS degree, I remain open to other topics aswell.  BesidesAcademics, I had an innate passion for organizing group activities right frommy childhood. Being an Open Source Enthusiast and Open Web Evangelist, I startedcontributing to Mozilla from my second year of Engineering.

I presented severaltalks on the Firefox OS and other Mozilla technologies in India and US andhelped building Technical Communities. Being awarded with the contributor ofthe month June 2014 and recognizing myself on Mozilla Credits Page was amemorable achievement. I had been also contributing to several NGOs whichinclude Redcross, Youth for Seva and an intern at Greenpeace InternationalOrganization as a Research Analyst.       My interestand works towards Big Data had helped me bag a job as a Decision Scientist inMu Sigma Inc.   But, I feel that undergraduate study alonedoes not provide the specialized academic exposure essential to reach higherprofessional levels in the present day technology driven workplace. Moreover,the need for professionals with computer skills is ever growing. With graduatestudies in the United States of America, known for its innovation and settingglobal standards of excellence, I will be able to get adequate opportunities totest the validity and the practicality of my ideas and prove myself muchbetter. I believe that your esteemed university will nourish this hunger andmake me bloated with knowledge.

I would like to do my graduate course at anestablished university, complete with all facilities and which has been ayardstick for excellence like yours. In this regard, I had a very good feedbackfrom my academic counselors and seniors. So I kindly request you to kindly considermy application and let me have the honor of being associated with youruniversity. In return Iassure the university will find me a keen and passionate student, who would contributeto the excellent track record of your university. My admission to youruniversity will propel me towards my career objective which is to become aninnovator in technology. I am confident that with my solid undergraduate workand willingness to pursue new admissions and research, I can perform to my bestand meet the high standards set by your university.

I request you to kindlyconsider me for any form of financial assistance, as it would be of great helpto me. 


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