Multicultural Movie Review

Multicultural Diversity Reaction Paper Film Synopsis I attended a screening of a film from South Korea called “Scandal Makers” The movie language is Korean with English subtitles.

It aired at the Chicago Cultural Center and was sponsored in part by the Korean Consulate General in Chicago. The movie plot unfolds around a radio celebrity who finds that he has a daughter and grandson that he never knew about. It is family comedy which focuses on the avoidance of scandal. Part of the movie takes place in a school that the grandson attends for kindergarten.

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The kindergarten class seemed very advanced to me.Class Questions What do you observe related to class discussions or reading? It was very difficult for me to understand the movie. I had to read and watch. Perhaps this is how second language learners feel when trying to learn in a language they do not understand. How will your experience affect your work as an educator? I will make an effort to consult with the English as second language teacher or my students. I need to learn what I can do to enhance teaching and learning.

I need to attend professional development in this area. What were your preconceptions about the group?Which were correct? Which were not? The Korean family in the movie did not wear shoes in their house and they watch TV with their legs folded on top the couch. These actions concurred with my preconceived notions. The family watched a flat screen television. I don’t know why, but I was surprised that they had up to date technology. This of course was a bias that I had. What did you learn about others from this experience? I learned that the family in the movie at a similar culture to mine.

Were you in the majority or minority in the group, and how did it feel?I was in the minority in the group. This is okay, I’m used to it. I’m not used to being in the language minority. Perhaps Korean language speakers had a different movie watching experience. I felt myself laughing because I was glad that I understood the joke. Others may have had the response that they needed to roll their eyes, because the joke was “corny”. They could process and comprehend idioms better than me.

What did you learn about yourself from this experience? I learned that I can feel welcome and a group of strangers who have a common bond with me. We came to watch the movie.I could tell by the participants’ smiles, that they felt proud to show off their culture.

They felt happy that people from other cultures are interested in theirs. The national Association for bilingual education (2009) reports the bilingual education is controversial. The old sink or swim method cannot work. From this experience of watching a Korean language movie for 90 minutes, I learned that the sink or swim method is tedious. Reference National Association for Bilingual Education (2009) Why is bilingual education controversial? Retrieved from the World Wide Web http//:www. nabe.

org/b_ed_politics. html. on June 10, 2010.


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