Murabba or the mood of the character themselves.

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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Murabba is a romcom which deals with the interpersonal relation between a couple and their families in an urban setting. We have Alok who has broken up with his girlfriend Indu and the film spans just a day, right after their breakup. The film dwells much deeper than what meets the eye. We see shades of the characters which leads them to be who they are. The important aspects to mention here are the use of mise-en-scene. Many a time, visual metaphors were used to indicate the intricacies of the character’s relationship or the mood of the character themselves.

When Amey and his parents along with Indu are out for lunch, just the afternoon of their breakup, his father speaks about their breakup and in the background; we see a waiter carrying sizzlers with its smoke filling the space behind. A metaphor for how difficult the situation is about to be.Also the use of colour plays an important role here. Amey’s mother who plays an homely and caring mother wear tones of yellow to shed light on her warmth of nature, simple nature. Amey’s character is somewhat lost and so he wears shades of whites, suggesting a dull nature.

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Another interesting aspect of this film is it bringing day-to-day observations alive on screen. Rather than feeling like watching a film, you feel like being a part of it. And that is an achievement very few filmmakers manage to get. It is noticed that romcoms usually give a similar weightage to both leads in a film, but the way Muramba is structured; we see things largely from Alok’s perspective.

We are with him when the break up happens, we see the relationship as he remembers it and it’s his parents who try to resolve the bitterness in the relationship. Indu has a significant presence in the film and eventually, we do hear both sides of the story, but there is a very curious reason for the plot to develop in this manner. There is a possibility that Alok is an unreliable narrator and there is something left unsaid.If both the characters were given an equal weightage, it would have been difficult to hide things in plain sight. From the screenplay’s point of view, it’s a good device and is used well here.

The dialogues in the film are a standout. Since love is a popular theme, it’s virtually impossible to find a novel technique to tell the story. Muramba counters the difficulty by using a realistic approach, in characterisation, as well as in dialogues. It taps into the psyche of both generations perfectly, of kids as well as their parents, and makes us feel that we are overhearing a real conversation, taking place in a family that is much like our own.



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