My ecological footprint: According to ecological footprint calculator,

My ecological footprint: According to ecological footprint calculator, it says if everyone lived like me, we would need 6.2 earths. Well I am of the view that this is very bad and is not acceptable at all because it clearly shows that I am consuming too many resources in a very bad way and I need to change my way of doing. Based on the virtue ethics questions namely; do I really practice these values?, can I really claim that these are my values?, and is what I am saying really what I do?. I am still of the view that my answers are an accurate reflection of who I am. However, looking at what I have just read (sustainability theory). I think i should try harder to live a life which will also be beneficial to others so that I promote equal access for everyone in terms of resources consumption.In the topic: It’s all in the outcome (Consequentialism). My answer suggested that it is morally unacceptable for a single child to die of a preventable disease and we should collectively fix this irrespective of the cost. I further elaborated to say if we as the nation can put our heads together and try to come up with solutions in helping our young ones. After reading the Sustainability theory, I still hold my opinion to say there is a lot that can be done to address challenges that we are facing as a country. Letting other people die will not be a good solution, however we rather adopt the one child policy of China to sustain consumption levels to decrease the population by 3.5 billion people, instead of compromising innocent souls.In this topic we have learned about John Rawls theory which taught me about fair and equal opportunity principle and the veil of ignorance principle, which suggests that when we are thinking about principles which we are going to use for distributing stuff fairly, we should not know anything about where we sit in the society or our natural talents. I therefore think what is fair for our future generations is that we as people who live in the present moment, should make use of technology, like using sola instead of coals, and ensure that we consume limited resources wisely so that our future generations can also get a chance to enjoy the nature. It is very much important for us to live a sustainable life so that it does not negatively affect our economy because if we continue living the life we are living right now, things will be more expensive in future because more natural resources would be scarce and people will suffer.

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