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My hometown is in Deparo Road, Bagumbong Caloocan city. The term “Caloocan” was obtained from the term “lo-ok” which simply means “innermost”. It also has a significance in history as it was called the “Home of Heroes” mainly because it has been the center of activities of KKK or Katipunan. Population increased as years went by, making it one of the most populated cities in the Philippines.
Caloocan is currently undergoing a series of development in terms of residential and industrial facilities such as construction of new sport facilities, school, grocery stores, restaurants, road networks and some cell sites. It has received countless awards such as the Seal of Good Local Governance in 2015-2017 and received a Special recognition for being the “Most Business – Friendly Local Government Unit Award City Level 1” in 2016 until 2017. In addition to that, it is listed as one of the lowest crime rates in the Philippines as of July 2018. In terms of Topography, it is known to have gentle to steep and undulating to rolling topography with 3% to 18% slope. Rock formation in terms of geology, has different characteristics classified as quaternary alluvium, conglomerates, tuff and tuffaceous sediment. Igneous rocks are usually present in most parts of North Caloocan with the use of Lithification. Rainfall usually happen during the months of July to Septembgmer since southwest monsoon happen between the months of April till July. The northeast monsoon occurs during months of January, March, October to December. Caloocan is not flood prone due to its high elevation but when it happens, it is usually due to overflowing of rivers and inadequate channel capacity.
Due to the rapid growth of population, residential damage increases hence, maintenance, repair and replacement of structures would take place. To mitigate this issue, buildings with energy efficient designs is currently becoming the trend. Pre-fabrication and off-site construction are considered as an alternative efficient construction method. Also expanding density of homes and utilizing structures in different use could minimize transportation. Improvement of building design such as usage of sustainable materials and installation of important equipment on higher elevations should be implemented. Some of the proposed projects in the future includes sidewalk landscaping, providing greeneries and installing bike lines in which the implementation period would take place during the year 2017-2025. Reducing greenhouse gas is of their main goals which they can achieve through installation of traffic road sign and engineering devices such as smoke belching, regular maintenance of vehicles, urban greening and promotion of composting waste, utilization of e- bicycles and tricycles, monitoring the water quality and campaign on cleanliness and tree planting. In addition to that, human security was also considered in such a way that projects and activities such as relocation of flood prone and dangerous areas to a safer place, construction and improvement of drainage system and creek Rip-rap would help in mitigating future damages.
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