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Mygreatest accomplishment is being myself in the world that is constantly tryingto change me into something else, but I don’t compromise myself because I amall I have, I follow my heart and listen to my inner voice.

My name is KgomotsoTerrence Hadzhi. I was born on the 29th of April 1998, in a townshipcalled Soshanguve, which is, situated about 45 km north of Pretoria, Gauteng. Iam the first-born son of Constance Hadzhi and I have two younger brothers,namely; Kagiso 17 and Kabelo 11. I grew up in a well-mannered, warmth and loving family. I was raised by asingle parent, who has always been broad and open minded, promoting me to dobest in every field. I never felt the absence on my father because my mother never pull me back insteadmotivate.

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I always loved going to school and I have always taken mystudies very seriously, thus I never failed even a single grade. I matriculatedin 2016 at Reitumetse High School. I am an interesting, fun andloving person with a good sense of humor.

I come off as a very shyindividualistic person but once I get to know people and I become comfortablewith my environment. I joke, laugh and humor people and Iget as much as I give. I am a very kind, compassionate, and respectful person,as my close friends can attest to it. I have a tough shell but on the inside, Iam soft. I am also a very principled person and stand strong on what is right andwrong. I am also a very straight and honest person. Ibelieve and learned that life is a learning experience and being able torecognize my own strengths and weaknesses helped me to enhance myself into becominga better individual in anything I choose to do, whether it is positiveabilities and skills that can help achieve my goals or negative personal areasthat need to be improved. Knowing what I can do and myself, helped me to recognizeand overcome some of my weaknesses.

One of my greatest strengths that I haverecognized would have to be my ability to be a well-organized individual. Itend to look and analyze on what I have to do and prioritize what is moreimportant to least important. I am also good with time management. I amgood at what I do, however; I do have weaknesses that I have to overcome andimprove. One of my weaknesses is procrastination; I tend to delay and do most of thingson last minutes. Again, I do not really trust people with something that I knowI can do better.

Lastly, being a first-born made me to like being in control. Ido not share responsibilities. Then finally yet importantly, I love praying.I go to church and I pray as much as I can.

Being a Christian and not praying, doesnot go together, so that is why I pray. I also feel that whenever I pray,it helps me to move forward and achieve more. Even the Bible clearly statesthat we must pray without ceasing and that the Lord will never leave norforsake us.

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