My cousins. Adapted to be a firstborn, I

My name is Kate Nesta Mbanya. I grew up in a family of six, brought up in the countryside in the central part of Kenya. I am the first born in my family with one brother and twin sisters. Am among the oldest of all my cousins brought up in a family that consisted of a gang of children, I never really learned what it is meant to grow up with adult kids next to you. And I certainly never learned how to relate to other older youths despite having my parents with me since I felt big being a first born with age mate cousins.
Adapted to be a firstborn, I was always mature for my age. Even my friends at school often irritated me during my pubertal years. My parents really invested in me and I outshined at most of my many and varied hobbies. I did well in school, often knowing how to understand poetry and answering its complex questions. I loved reading a lot and it was then when writing became my best hobby. I was quite self-assured, although I didn’t realize it at that time it’s so unfortunate that self-awareness was not something I learned until many years later.
In high school, I began to get tired because of the pressure placed on me by my parents and their high expectations. I gradually stopped my extra-curricular activities including reading too many novels and writing articles and chose to work for good grades instead. I graduated been among the top of my class although I wasn’t the number one student, perhaps because I did not want to give my family the fulfillment. And then, I chose a public university a lot farther from home than the small colleges’ many people tend to join which was my parent’s expectation that I’d attend. I wanted to be a big fish in a big pond for a change.
In the university, I chose to take a bachelor’s degree in education majoring in English and literature. Due to the passion I had for reading and writing, I made sure I made it professional. Studying literature involves too much reading and I felt very comfortable with it. There I continued the trend of reading and writing during my part-time and it was all way throughout my campus life.
I finally graduated in December 2017, with my son as an extra degree. I’m proud to say this new role of a mother and a freelancer at the same time suits me. I’m driven not to do great things for myself but to spur my son on to even greater ones. My son came unpredictably and before I knew what had happened, this outwardly motivated, single for life independent career woman was a stay-at-home mom doing her writing to date.

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