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Book Report My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult is about a family in Rhode Island. Kate is the middle of three children and she has been suffering from leukemia since she was a kid. Anna, the youngest, was conceived as a “lab baby’ by means of in vitro fertilization to be a donor to Kate. When we meet the family, Anna is suing her parents for the rights to her own body, so she would no longer have to be a donor to Kate. There are many points throughout the book where physical health, emotional health, and social health are demonstrated.When we think of health doctors, nurses, and hospitals are usually the first thing to come to mind, and My Sister’s Keeper isn’t lacking any of that. Leukemia, being a form of cancer, causes Kate to be in the hospital for almost the entirety of the book. I learned a lot about what it’s like for an adolescent to have such a serious disease, the toll it takes on there body, and how it is treated.

Not only did the book show how Kate’s health was put in Jeopardy but how Anna’s body was affected. She often had to give blood and bone marrow, and she was being asked to donate one of her kidneys o Kate.Anna ended up in the hospital alongside Kate almost every time while they were growing up and it was taking a toll on her. Besides the obvious part of health, the emotional aspect is also included.

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Because the book switches point of view from one character to another, we get to see the different emotions that each one of the family members, as well as an attorney, are feeling throughout the book. Kate’s condition has made her the favorite of her mother and this takes away from her siblings, especially Jesse who is her older brother.Kate also has a hard time dealing with emotions because she doesn’t and never has felt beautiful. The emotions strain the family and cause them to loose the connections they had once had before Anna filed the lawsuit. The last aspect that really stood out to me was the social part of health.

Kate, having been in and out of hospitals all of her life, has never known what it’s lie to have a normal life nor relationships. She has never had a boyfriend or even a normal group of friends. We can see how this affects Kate, especially when her friend/boyfriend,Taylor dies. The social relationships are also within the family. Nobody seems to get along, and they’re relationships with each other have changed drastically since Kate was diagnosed and Anna was conceived. My Sister’s Keeper is a great example of a book that is related to health.

It shows us examples of physical, emotional, and social health. It shows not only the obvious doctors and medicine but how situations that affect your physical health can affect how emotionally and socially healthy you are as well. my sisters keeper-health By bobbieflayy

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