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My thoughts regarding education inequality are simple. I believe that there should not be segregated education for people from different religions, race or immigration status. In other words, everyone should have the same quality of education regarding their background. The inequality comes in form of uneven spread of reading materials, lack of funding of learning institutions, limited availability of experienced tutors, and poor technology especially to the socially left out societies.
In as much as it might appear as an issue of the past, education inequality has continued to haunt communities for ages up to this date. Up to the 21st century, a substantial number of suppressed Americans including the Natives, Latino and the Blacks are educated in exclusively separate learning institutions which typically financed at relatively lower rates as compared to those education institutions meant for the whites.
Nonetheless, experiences on educational inequalities mostly for minority learners have persisted to be considerably dispersed and imbalanced. Plentiful of educational inequality in the recent times is mainly accredited to matters of economic differences that are known to often appear along issues relates to race, place of origin as well as language. Under this consideration, educational inequality that exists between the whites and the other minority populations continues to propagate economic and social imbalances across societies.
To concluded, educational inequality is a deeply founded social problem which mainly occurs as a result of poor distribution of education materials, lack of qualified tutors, and lack of financial support among other factors. Among the most affected groups of people are the African Americans, Latino, and the Native Americans. With increased levels of educational inequalities within the society between the highly esteemed whites and the minority populations, the results are increased economic and social instability.

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