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There has been a growing number of cases reported to Agri-Food and
Veterinary Authority (AVA) about animals scaring and attacking some people
resulting in minor injuries while some are more serious, these incidents occur in
residential areas where national park and nature preserve are located. AVA revealed
that in the many reports that are filed about animals, most of them are monkey and
snakes, now wild boars have been added to the list.

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These incidents occur when human beings begin to feed returning for food and when
no food is provided it will rampage around the area and sometimes even intrude into
homes in search for food. Feeding animals may it seems like a good thing, but when
those animals are not fed it might attack people in the surrounding. Another case is
gathering fruits from trees in the wild which might lead to animal living in the habitat
attacking human, as this action to them might be a threat that someone is stealing
their food supplies.

Those captured animals are resorted to being killed as fast and effective
method of solving the complaints about wildlife issues. But this method may not be
the best as killing off innocent animals is not a cruel way of dealing with
situation These animals are just hungry and looking for food, their intention was not
to hurt or scare people.

While the article raises awareness that feeding animals in the wildlife will
leads to other getting injured. If people did not feed animals in the first place, it
will not associate people with food and therefore would not return to disturb human
neither will it attack, it can also avoid animals being killed.

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