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Last updated: May 11, 2019

NAME                                   MEANING Madan                                     Cupid, god of love Madhav                                   Lord Krishna Madhu                                    honey, nectar Madhukar                               honey bee, lover Madhup                                  a honeybee Madhur                                   light and melodious Madhusudan                           Lord Krishna Magan                                     engrossed Mahadev                                 Lord Shiva Mahant                                    great Mahavir                                  a Jain prophet, also the super courageous one Mahendra                               Lord Vishnu Mahesh                                   Lord Shiva Maheshwar                             Lord Shiva Maitreya                                 disciple of sage Parasara Manas                                     mind Manav                                    man Manavendra                            a king Mandar                                   a celestial tree Mandeep                                 light of the mind Manendra                                king of mind Mangal                                    auspicious Mangesh                                 Lord Shiva Mani                                        gem Manik                                      gem, rubyPrepared by: Nepalis in Oregon Manindra                                lord of gems, lord of the mind! Manish                                    lord of the mind, intellect Manishankar                           Lord Shiva Manit                                      highly respected Manjeet                                   conqueror of the mind Manjul                                     handsome Manmohan                             pleasing Manohar                                  beautiful; captivating Manoj                                      born of mind Manoranjan                             pleasing Manu                                      the first human being, a sage Mathura                                  an ancient religious city Matsendra                               king of the fishes Maulik                                     precious Mayur                                     peacock Meet                                        friend Megh                                       cloud Mihir                                       sun rays Milan                                      union Milap                                      union Milind                                     a bee Mitesh                                     one with few desires Mithila                                    kingdom Mithilesh                                 the king of Mithila Mithun                                    Gemini Mitra                                       a friend Mitul                                       friend Mohak                                     attractive Mohan                                    charming, fascinating Mohit                                      charmed Mohnish                                  Lord Krishna Moti                                        pearl Mridul                                    tender, delicate Mrigendra                               lionPrepared by: Nepalis in Oregon Mrigesh                                  lion Mrityunjay                              Lord Shiva, he who defeats death Mukesh                                   an epithet for Shiva Mukta                                     free Mukti/Mukta                           liberation Mukul                                     bud Mukunda                                Lord Krishna, freedom giver Mukut                                     crown Muni                                       sage Munindra                                best among saints Murali                                     flute Murari                                     Lord Krishna Murti                                       idol, statue


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