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Ancient Greece and Modern American Similarities
Modern American appears on the surface to be much different than ancient Greece. However, at a closer glance it becomes obvious that the two civilizations are parallel in numerous ways. Modern American society has learned, adopted, and refined many different aspects of the ancient Greece culture. The commonalities of the two societies are visible in many areas some of which include architecture, religious beliefs, and musical influence.

Ancient Greek culture has had a significant influence on architectural style in America. Greek architecture is most widely known for indentations in columns or pillars. The Parthenon is arguably one of the most famous buildings constructed during the time of ancient Greece. Its columns, known as Doric order columns, are arranged on all four sides of the building. The ability to construct such a magnificent structure demonstrates that there was a high degree of intellect that existed in the time of ancient Greece. Construction took careful planning and precise execution of those plans to erect these remarkable structures. The influence of ancient Greek architecture is evident in multiple areas of America. For example, the Capitol Building in which the US Congress meets in Washington. D.C is a well recognized building that demonstrates architectural features from ancient Greece. This building has Corinthian order columns in the front, which are another type of pillar commonly used by the ancient Greeks. Ancient Greek architecture paved the way for modern architecture in American society. American architecture would not likely be as beautiful had we not adopted so much of the ancient Greek style. Our society has taken the ideas and basic principles and modernized them to fit our way of life. This adaptation has lead to numerous astounding structures throughout our country.
Along with architecture, modern American society shares similarities in religion that were a part of ancient Greece. For example, the existence of a higher power was a widely held belief. This is also common in America today. Although Ancient Greeks believed in multiple gods and goddesses, they considered Zeus to be the king of the gods. This concept may have helped to shape the more common monotheistic views in American culture. Religion is overall considered an important part of everyday life by most Americans, comparable to ancient Greek thought. Similar to American customs, death was an accepted occurrence by ancient Greek society and memorials were held for the dead. It is likely that their emphasis on religion had a strong influence on American society’s tendency toward belief in a higher power. Had ancient Greece not practiced any type of religious belief, America would likely be a very different society, especially considering the strong religious convictions held by our founding fathers.
Music is another area in which similarities between both societies can be seen. Ancient Greece influenced modern American society with instruments, chorus and basic musical sounds. Their ability to produce musical sounds with basic instruments and incorporate singing helped pave the way for us to expand on those fundaments elements. Music is used today as an effective way to express feelings and emotions, as it was in ancient Greece. The use of music during celebrations and life events such as marriage ceremonies is another likeness.
Architecture, religious beliefs, and music are only a few commonalities that are shared between American and Ancient Greece. These similarities have played a vital role in shaping America into the wonderful and diverse society that we see today.
Work Cited
Wold, Milo Arlington. An Introduction to Music and Art in the Western World. Brown ; Benchmark Publishers, 1996.

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