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Natalie KarapetianAleksander KocolHistory 117January 10, 2018 1)    What role did the Puritan’s expect religion would play in the new world?”According to the Puritan’s, they expected that religion would bring unity to the new world. Religion would be instrumental in showing restraining and moderating the wicked, religion would ensure that the rich do not oppress the poor and the poor are not triggered to rise up against the rich. The Puritans also believed that religion was supposed to play the role of uniting human beings in love and affection so that all men are an equal-no man has more honor or wealth that the other.2)    How was society organized according to Winthrop’s world view?According to Winthrop, the society constituted of the rich, the powerful, the poor and the powerless and the ranks existed because the creator wanted to manifest wisdom in creating the different kinds of individuals, since the creator wanted the different kinds of people to help and respect each other and finally, God created the diverse kinds of individuals since He wanted them to unite in a single religious society where they can all serve one another and God.3)    What were some of the expectations of Puritan leaders, like Winthrop, as they sailed toward the unknown?Among the expectations of Christian leaders like Winthrop, as they sailed towards the unknown is that they would be the ones that people would perceive as the best examples of how Christians should be and portray themselves.

The leaders also thought, by establishing the New England, as a city on a hill, everyone would be looking up to them and thus they needed to remain the epitome of ideal Christians. “For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.” The Puritans also expected that the New World could enable them to chase their beliefs without being persecuted.4)    What is your impression of Winthrop’s leadership style and efficacy?My impression of Winthrop’s leadership style is that he is a leader who believes in communalism and charity. By believing in communalism, Winthrop asserts that individuals have diverse things to give each other, which therefore create a need for one another, helping the society. This was a reflection of the Puritan beliefs of charity love and unity.

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Additionally, Winthrop was a leader who gave the impression of a charitable leader as he always talked of providing to those in need of help and just not them, but the society at large.


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