Never cry wolf

Essay by Nuga Novak based on the movie Never Cry Wolf What does Rosie mean when he says “We’re all prospectors up here”? I have to start by pointing out that out of all the questions from the study guide, this was the only one that made me think and the only one I thought is worth debating about. Rosie is a character in the movie, played by Brian Dennehy. He is a middle-aged man, a part- time bush pilot, gambler and a real-estate tycoon, who flies Tyler out to the Canadian Tundra area, because he is the only one who has a plane in Nootsack.I found him very strange, even at the beginning of his appearance in the movie. There’s something eccentric and queer about the way he laughs and looks at Tyler while he’s doing it.

My first thought was that this guy is a little crazy. Then I realized that there’s more to him. When Tyler and Rosie are in the plane, Tyler seems terrified. He even keeps his eyes closed and questions his decision of flying out for his research, while the plane is taking off.

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Unlike him, Rosie gives the impression that he is not afraid of anything, as if he doesn’t care if he lives or dies.He Just keeps grinning and laughing hysterically. At first I didn’t understand this kind of behavior, but when Rosie starts alking to Tyler about why he’s going where he’s going, what’s in the valley of the Blackstone-gold, oil everything starts making more sense. When Tyler answers him, that it is kind of hard to say, what’s in the valley, what he’s searching for, Rosie replies that he’s smart for keeping his own counsel. Then he says the famous sentence: “We’re all prospectors up here, eh Tyler? ” and then he continues: “Scratching for that one crack in the ground, so we’ll never have to scratch again. At first I wasn’t sure if I had the right idea what the word prospectors meant.

I looked it up in the dictionary nd found out the proper explanation, that a prospector is someone who looks for gold, minerals, oil, etc. I believe that he meant that everyone would like to find gold or something valuable, to make enough money of it, to be able to live a better, more comfortable life. However in this context I don’t think that Rosie meant it only in that way.

In my opinion, he meant that we are all searching for something to make us rich, to improve our lives, whether that is gold or something completely different.At least that’s how I understand the whole sentence, especially the part “scratching for that ne crack in the ground, so we’ll never have to scratch again”, so, to find that one thing, one possibility to ameliorate our situation in the world. Why does he say this? When I was watching the movie and I focused on Brian Dennehys character Rosie, I tried to think of his background, so why he acts the way he does. I came to a conclusion, that he isn’t satisfied with his life.

Taking into account that he owns a plane, I wouldn’t say that he’s poor or anything, but he probably wants more for himself.More money, maybe even success, I can’t really say. He also mentions oredom a few times. And the way he acts, for instance when the plane almost crashes, and he keeps calm, laughing, grinning, not caring at all, it seems as if he’s so bored in life, that it doesn’t matter if something happens to him or not. Maybe something like almost dying makes him feel more alive. Another idea of interpreting his sentence about everyone being prospectors came to me at the end of the movie when Tyler sees Rosie again and Rosie brags about how he has hit the Jackpot, that different. And then I found out that he wants to make a resort out of the place.

He iscusses with his friends about the different possibilities of getting rich here. That’s when it hit me, that when he said “we’re all prospectors up here”, he was also the one, who was exploring the North, but for different reasons than Tyler. Rosie was all about the money. He’s goal from the beginning was to get rich. To conclude, I would like to expand Rosie’s thought. I believe that every one of us is a prospector; many are looking for something like Rosie, to get rich, but others, like me, are looking for something that will enrich our lives, which doesn’t have to be something to make money out of.

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