A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde

In the play of ‘A Woman of No Importance’ Oscar Wilde gradually and effectively introduces the characters of the play in a fashionably manner. The play is quite naturalistic so Wilde commences the opening of act one with a social conversation. The purpose of the play is to portray women’s attitudes and views on their current century. Each […]

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The amusingchange about this is adjustment, the impact it has had for journalism andjournalists overall. ‘Who is a reporter’ is the type of thing that that viewersto this day ask and want to know, and now what the people are more interested aboutasking is ‘Who was this advertised by’. News teams and associations have cometo the understanding to […]

memory skills

There is a large quantity of talk in our lives and it is easy to undervalue the true worth of conversation. Since the quality of talk ranges from time-wasting to life- changing, it is not easy to simplify whether a particular talk is important or inconsequential. But unfortunately, people tend to make snap Judgments concerning the impact of […]

Social Media

TitleExamining the Use of Social Media and Its Impact on Corporate Commerce Assessment A, Part One – Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Different Social Media Sites Identify the pros and cons for each site. Blogger Con: Limited visual presentation of product Blogger Con: Character Limits Blogger Con: Limited visual presentation of product Blogger Pro: Mass customization – […]

Security Alliances

1. Security Alliance membership can be problematic because it restricts the actions that a member country can take on its own. As part of an alliance, member organizations are expected to act in accordance with the benefit of the group, even if such actions are not in the best interest of the individual member.  At times, the needs […]

Lesser Than Macbeth and Greater

‘Lesser than Macbeth and greater, Not so happy, yet much happier. ’ Q. By detailed consideration of what he says and does, show whether you agree with what he witness says about Banquo. Answer: Like Macbeth, Banquo was a brave and able soldier. (refer to the two battles) But it is here that the similarities between the two […]


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