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 Nigeria supports the discussion on both of thecrucial issues on the agenda “Moratoriumon death penalties” and “Human rightinfringement in digital age. Hoping of fruitful results in means of resolution inboth the cases.Area A: Moratorium on death penaltiesNigeria, an African country,stands firm not legalizing the capital punishment in the country and ensures peaceat the same time as equality and justice.

Although, the country has had illegalizeddeath sentencing and from the year 2006 till 2015 the number of execution was ‘null’ until 2016 where only threeexecution were made.  Which is approvedby the article 6 and 7 ensuring that it could only be sentenced when a specificcrime is committed which is inhumane.Nigeria, therefore, believes in moratorium on death penaltiesand harsh sentencing should only begiven if crimes are made on such a higher degree. Nigerian government states murder, rape and intentional death takingor murdering as the core reason forsuch harsh sentencing.Nigerian court of justicehas more than 1472 cases of death sentences pending.

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But these cases, by theofficial, are taken under consideration and are minimized in the order of extreme cases and in case of a huge number of eye witnesses, decreasing thechance of innocents getting punished.Nigeria considers deathpenalties a great deal and after consulting these cases with prerogative ofmercy these inmates on death rows arepardoned at once.Nigeria has pre-signedmany bilateral extradition treaties withcountries like United Kingdom, USA, India and Ireland and many others, concerningthe rights of offenders with foreign nationalities than of Nigeria are to be send back their home countries for the proceeding ofcases/lawsuit.Nigerian Laws on harsh sentencingis considered as a  delicate issues asspecial matters are dealt by special justice systems. Juvenile Justice System,where several exceptional cases are looked after by ignoring their criminalizedactivities because of their state of mind. Thesepeople are given proper rehabilitations and are given psychosocial counseling.Including those who are deprived of capacity to understand and make their owndecision or are under age.

Under age offender are made to go to remand houses and schools forstraight three months to make them realize their goals.Nigeria laid down alternatives for death penalties of lifeimprisonment with a possibility to parole after 30 years in jail or the victim being given blood money to decompensate the losses of the family.Any measure and provisionin the adopted resolution must take into account the reliability of this punishmentin being fruitful in maintaining peace and equality.

Nigeria welcomes all formsof diplomacy as long as the voices and rights of it’s’ citizens are respected andheard.   Area B: Human right infringement indigital age Nigeriacondemns all such act human right violation of human rights due to invasion ofprivacy led my individuals in the society. It is refereed as a malicious acttrying to hurt personal integrity of different human beings. It could be doneas an act of false light, targeting a person and making false accusation and itmay also refer to acts of invasion in personal space and getting unauthorizedaccess to somebody’s personal information.

Thus,Nigeria believes internet surveillance is necessary to regulate laws of dataprotection.NCC regulation ensure the safety of personalized information by issuinglicense of keeping customers’ information. NITDA is a agency made responsibleof making the guideline of the plans to ensure safe way to keep information andhow to deal with piracy.

It makes its guideline clear and spreads publicawareness in this regard.After an actexposing the immoral activity of the former president which is considered asunethical journalism in Nigeria, These regulations are strictly implemented andproper acts are proposed with ethics of journalism discussed in detail. Making regulation linked with privacy invasioncrystal clear.

It isbelieved that a line should be drawnbetween private and public space of individual living in Nigeria. To preventthese issues, international community must stand together and should play itsrole in making an international mandaterelated to it .Which would ensure the protection of human rights and basicfreedom for citizen.

The free flow of personal information from country ocountry are carried out which should be exempted at once. A territory basedsystem should be brought that could monitor problems restricted to an area. It is to beassumed that government should bemanaging the control over internet layout and structure and the data transferredand stored by organizations. It is only possible by introducing an internet governance mechanism that deals which such infringementissues. National security should be apart of digital security too and should be deal by many organizations in acountry at once. Such that, it could look after malpractice, gettingunauthorized access to networks and illegalized decryptions.

These should beled by people from government and on government sectors as it’s a job of bothto secure nations’ safety sovereignty.21stCentury is considered as ‘digital age’thus ensuring peace and security can only be done fully when digitalinfringement cases are resolved. Thus it’s considered as “the central pillar of security of 21st century”. Hoping thatbest resolution would be made and best of the frameworks must be choosen as forthe security against personalized piracy.


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