No those people who would like to

No one likes to
be around a person that reeks of Cigarette smell let alone sit in a car for
quite some time that carries the same smell with it. This may not be an issue
to people who regularly smoke but it is quite repulsive to non-smokers.

For this
purpose, I have compiled the top five methods to eliminate cigarette smoke from
your car and we are pretty sure that you will get rid of the cigarette stench or
at least bring it down by a notch or two.

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Dryer Sheets:       

This is a great
solution for those individuals who are using cloth seats in their car. Simply,
wipe your car seats thoroughly with these sheets and it will give a deep and
fresh scent to your entire cabin. An additional benefit that these sheets
provide is to prevent mosquitos from entering your car.

Citrus Peels:

Who likes oranges and lemons? I guess everybody does. Well did you
know that instead of throwing the peels away of these fruits you can just put
them in a bottle or a cup and simply place them inside your car.

This method will not only eliminate cigarette smoke but it
will also replace it with a fresh fruity scent that will fill your entire car.

Cinnamon Sticks:

This option is well suited for those people who would like to
replace the smoke smell with a sweet scent that of cinnamon sticks. All you
have to do is boil some cinnamon in tap water, pour it in a cup and place it
inside your car.

To get the most out of this method you should keep your car windows
up and turn on the heater for at least 25-35 minutes.

White Vinegar:

A cup of vinegar placed in the cup holder of your car might just do
the job for you. To make this method more effective leave the cup in your car
overnight. This will lessen or completely eliminate cigarette smoke from
your car.


Almost, every man nowadays likes to read a newspaper as a part of
his morning ritual. Well apart from giving you latest stock market prices and
other latest political news a newspaper can come quite handy when it comes to
getting rid of cigarette smells.

 So, instead of throwing them
out put some in your car overnight and they will do the trick for you.

Coffee Grounds:

Our day does not start without a fresh mug of coffee as we need it
to jumpstart our entire system. How about you sit in your car and instead of
the smelling the nasty stench of cigarette smoke you smell coffee grounds
through your nostrils? Sounds refreshing huh.

Place a bowl filled with coffee grounds and keep the windows closed
and the stench will be gone in a matter of few hours.


Air Deodorizer:

A short-term and monetary fix would be to buy a reliable Air deodorant
from your nearest store and spray it in your car. You may have to pay a few
dollars for it but it will do the job nicely and you will be able to eliminate
cigarette smoke from your car in no time.

Please feel free to apply these methods and comment down below on what
worked out for you or if you use any additional ways to eliminate cigarette
smoke from your car.

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