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Last updated: May 22, 2019

No doubt the initial image of the Kenyan coast for most people is the elephant tusks of Mombasa commonly known as “pembe za ndovu’, which is the real representation of Mombasa town, but for me, there’s something bigger and yet quieter than that. When I imagine the Kenyan coast, I see a mighty cosmopolitan tourist hub which is filled with lots of fun-filled activities and boasts impressive sites that guarantee you will never get bored.To start with, visiting Fort Jesus is an exciting moment. Here, you can understand the 16th-century Portuguese naval architecture while enjoying ceramics of cultures that traded at the coast. Secondly, for birds and animal lovers, having a trip to Haller park formerly known as Bamburi nature trails will give an opportunity of exploring over 160 birds species and wildlife such as giraffes, zebra, and waterbucks. Haller Park is also right scenery for taking photos together with the family.

When it comes to food, there is a lot of coastal delicacies ranging from the typical ‘Mijikenda traditional wali,’ rice mixed with coconut milk, making it have a sweet taste. Fish and other seafood also form part of Mijikenda cuisine which is worth tasting.Kenyan coast remains to be the best destination for holidaymakers. There are several marine activities especially for those who prefer adventurous maritime from the ordinary kayaking and swimming here is the opportunity to go scuba diving and snorkeling.For children, go-karting rides are also available making the region the best destination of choice for a family holiday.

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Kenyan coast is well known for its nightlife which is very accommodative to all ages. Marked by the live performance of a fusion of typical Portuguese music genres, Arabic taarab-like music, jazz and music styles of local coastal tribes languages commonly known as ‘bango music’., hundreds of attendants compete in slow dancing moves just for fun.Shopping at the Kenyan coast is unbeatable especially the beddings, female clothes and shoes. All things here are relatively cheap as compared to any market in the Republic of Kenya.

With all these in mind about the Kenyan coast, recently I decided to respond to the call of the Kenyan coast. I have decided I will go there very soon.


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