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Last updated: May 3, 2019

Strategy: 1.

Globalization 2. Restructuring 3. Adaptation 4.

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New Management II. Analysis Swot Analysis Strengths; 1. 2nd spot on market share for QI 2013 2. 2nd spot on shipment 3. user Trlenaly 4. Weakness: 1. Higher Price than China phones.

2. Limited service center especially in India 3. Less promotion 4. Poor sales Service Opportunities: 1 . Developing countries like China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan has enormous demand potential. 2. Style/ Design of the mobile phones. 3.

Expansion of new Threats: 1. China/ Clone phones. . Market Position 3. I.

Overview Nokia is a Finnish communications and information technologymultinational corporation that is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Its Nokia Solutions and Networks company provides telecommunications network equipment and services, while Internet services, including applications, games, music, media and messaging, and free-of-charge digital map information and navigation services, are delivered through its wholly owned subsidiary Navteq Nokia is the leading brand name in global communication market.It was established n 1865 in a small town “Nokia” in South Western Finland by a mining engineer Fredrik Idestam (Stolle, 2006, p. l).

Nokia deals in wireless technology and mobile phones. It involves producing mobile phones for all customers. Nokia offers a wide range of mobiles for target customers. One of the most important factors is that, Nokia deals with producing a wide range of telecommunication solutions and offers cost effective and compatible products.It deals with the marketing and selling of products all over the world, and this is the reason that setting target market, product trategies ana market segmentation are very Important Tactors Tor tne NOKIa Company. Geographic Segmentation.

In terms of geography company is using regional approach to be able to appeal to the local population and gain their respect and trust. Nokia keeps opening its flagship stores all over the Asian and Middle Eastern rural regions to be able to bring their customers all the latest innovations and provide them with quality support services. Demographic Segmentation.Nokia has many mobile and smartphone devices to ppeal to all the age categories (from kids to seniors), all income categories, different family cycles (singles and married couple households), people of different religions and occupations. Unlike Apple Nokia has a distinct recognition of women as a major target market.

Almost every serie of phones comes in pink or gold color. Nokia Roxo was designed for women and young teenage girls. “Treat her like a lady” – a logo that stated that Nokia wants women to have their own phone and not Just use a unisex device. Psycographic Segmentation.Nokia products indulge the tastes of people of working class and corporate CEO’s.

Different models of mobile devices appeal to customers with various lifestyles. For example, Nokia N79 was marketed as a sports phone thanks to a wireless heart monitor implemented from Polar. The wireless Polar Bluetooth WearLink heart rate belt helps monitor a heart rate along with a speed and distance while you are enjoying your Jog. Benefit Segmentation. Most of the Nokia consumers have strong loyalty to the companies products because they are able to find the best quality for their money.Among benefits Nokia has to offer great power life, various number of applications for different needs and wants, durable and practical design.

Because of the large number of consumers Nokia has to keep its target market excited with new releases. In such multisegment strategy cannibalization occurs very often. To slow this process Nokia is trying launch new products by the region rather then globally. Various segmentation strategies made Nokia into a global phone manufacturer. Ability to meet the expectations of different buyers is the ultimate goal for the segmentation.



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