Not buffet is amazing, with a wide variety

Not even the pouring rain could spoil the perfect service ofFour SeasonsI have been in the resort for 4 days and unfortunatelyrained for 3 days. But this is not a problem when you are a guest at FourSeasons. The Villa is large, clean , comfortable, with an incredible bathroomand a delicious outdoor shower. It also has a private pool to enjoy.The service is excellent, all the staff warm and helpful .They really try to do their best to please the guests.My 8 years daughter loved the kids club, full of activitiesto entertain the little ones , specially on rainy days.The general architecture of the resort is gorgeous,specially the beautiful gardens and the infinite board view main pool.The resort has 3 private beaches, but due to the rainyweather we couldn’t enjoy those properly.Finally, the breakfast buffet is amazing, with a widevariety of delicious breads, fruits, crepes, pancakes and cheese, hot and coldbeverages.Hope to come back one day and be luckier with the weather .I strongly recommend this resort !Thanks to all the Team from cleaners ,gardenerers, waiters, drivers of the buggies , kids club staff ( speciallyShailene)concierge and manager.



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