Not not be forced into it (Armstrong

Not to mention the benefits of learning a new language, where a person can train the brain to become multi-lingual. This exercises the mind, stretching and expanding one’s ability to develop new neural connections, which can undoubtedly be of benefit in almost any intellectual pursuits, whether doing complex math problems or playing a friendly game of Scrabble. This is probably the reason there has been a nation-wide push in America to require that high school students be forced to take at least two years of foreign language study to be eligible to graduate high school (Farmer, 2017).

But such a mandatory class is not right for every student—nor should it be. Learning another language takes time and dedication; hard work, which has no immediate reward, so is of little to no use to millennials. Therefore, students who aren’t interested, don’t see it as relevant or aren’t good at it will probably view the required classes as a waste of time. They should not be forced into it (Armstrong & Rogers, 1997). They would benefit more from classes focused on their interests, aptitudes (and in college, their majors), so they might be in a better position to find a realistic position to make money and contribute positively to their communities—and to society as a whole.

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Americans overwhelmingly recognize the importance of foreign languages in some business, most military alliances and in considering obtaining a world-class education for themselves or their children. Still, the reality fails to validate the existence of serious efforts to pursue these lofty ideals. As the world continues to become more accessible with improvements in communication and transportation, a person will invariably encounter those who do not speak English as a native tongue. Fortunately, America’s status as a superpower for the past century has led many nations and millions upon millions of people to embrace English as the



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