Now a Days Food Has Become Easier to Prepare, Has This Change Improved the Way People Live? Use Specific Reasons and Example to Support Your Answer

Now a days in modern life style everything going very dynamically and people are like always in hurry. We have to complete our daily schedule in a minimum time so, by discussion on this topic we can accommodate our food preparation in a minimum time In a traditional time facilities are like fuel, burner and all kitchen ware was not available to prepare a food . so, it was took so longer time to prepare. In present scenario instruments like stove , oxygenated burner and butane gas as a fuel available for preparation and by this way food has become easier to prepare.

In modern time people are very educated and most of them has the outdoor services so, in such cases we have only way to choose the easier method of food preparation. One more thing in an urban area’s women is not so familiar with recipe of food preparation as they all are busy with their education from the starting of puberty stage. So now it’s a primary requirement to getting easier way to prepare a food. Easier way is facilitate by recipe book, prepared food from bakery, easily available fast food, automated instruments to prepare food. So, now a days this has become the primary choice for the modern people . ome people also belive that some of the demerit arises from the modern way of food preparation like, hygenicity and deliciousness some what got lost from the food. so finally looking from the major advantage we can concluded that, with the all facilities available for preparation of tasty food without spending of much time to prepare ,it has become most popular way among the people in a fast life and this is very much improvde the way people live. IT IS BETTER TO ENJOY YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU EARN IT, OR IS IT BETTER TO SAVE MONEY FOR SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE

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