Nowadays and because of that money they are

Nowadays the
widespread issue that we are facing is about drugs and the politicians involved
in it. Anyone can be involve on it even a simple resident, well how much more a
politician. We put a person on a particular place or position because we are
hoping that they are suitable and reliable on their positions. But we cannot
deny that some of the government officials are just using their position to
control and get money from their people and because of that money they are
receiving they become more self-centered and deceitful.


Narco Politics has
been the center or the main topic of Ms. Ana Marie Pamintuan’s article which is
“The Money Trail”. According to WAN-IFRA , Ms. Pamintuan is the
editor-in-chief of The Philippine Star. She also writes three times a week in
the main opinion section of the newspaper. Her column which is the
“Sketches” tackles a lot of different and wide range issues.. She has
been a member of “The Star” since 1986. As time goes by, Ms.
Pamintuan joined the desk in 1992 as a news editor. And because of her hardwork
and good works , she was promoted as associated editor to managing director and
finally named as the executive editor. She has been covering so many issues in
security, local government and also in national politics.

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This article of Ms.
Pamintuan, indicates how much narco politics has become established in our
society. This article also talks about why the politicians are able to do such
things. As a definition of Narco-Politics by a political analyst Alan Riding,
it is the “abuse of power to achieve wealth through drug trade and the
abuse of power to achieve power, using corruption to seal political alliances,
and corruption which makes the wheels of bureaucracy turn. ”


Ana Marie Pamintuan’s
agreement on “The Money Trail” is adequate because she provided so
many disadvantages or consequences that would make us realize that corruption
is impolitic. She make use of the raid on the house of Maasim Mayor Anecito
Lopez Jr. as her example to show how much Narco-Politics has become entrenched
in our society. According to her article, Mayor Lopez did not deny that the
subducted paraphernalia from his house belongs to him. As for that example , it
only shows that narco politics has pervade even the grassroots, at barangay
levels. Ms. Pamintuan agreed on President Duterte’s controversial way of
dealing with these problems even though it has been a big issue or problem of
its own. Squelching narco politicians is a must to prevent anyone from enjoying
the profit of drug deals.

Pamintuan stated that
it was so obvious that people don’t enter the drug trade just because of any
evil desire or to just simply ruin someone’s life. We all know that drug
dealers are in it for money. To support her stand , she provided some
statements that serves as proofs that people are in illegal transactions for
money. Some of them even say that they are just doing those things to save
money for their children’s future. Some of them hides their dirty money in
their kid’s account , believing that their kin will be saved from punishments. Pamintuan
didn’t like the idea of sparing the children when it comes to the fruits of
corruption and so am I. I can’t even imagine a child who grows up surrounded and
raised by a corrupt politician.


In this article Ms.
Pamintuan stated that anyone who gather a great quantity of dirty money should
think of the bad consequences rather than the benefits they’ll get. She said
that if their kids are used for using those dirty money, they should be
included in the punishment. I fully agree on her statements because if we only
allow them to do those things , it’s like we only let them eradicate the law.

We are open to the
idea that running for elective office was so expensive and we needed campaign
finance reporm. And because money is the problem again, corruption was
germinated . Ms. Pamintuan’s observation is that kidnapping for ransom usually
strikes during the election period, some politicians are even linked to some bank
robberies as well as kidnapping groups and by now they’re involved in drug
trafficking. But not until Tokhang and Double Barrel were launched and
everything seemed less risky. Ms. Pamintuan also added the issue about the war
between President Duterte and Secretary Leila de Lima, where the President
accused the secretary of raising funds for her election campaign through the
drug barons which she strongly denied.

And that issue makes
herself wonder of how do we get billions of money that they are using for that
election campaign. And this issue also leads to making us wonder of why do
every proposal for reforms has been shot down.

So, Ms. Pamintuan
thinks that President Duterte’s way is faster which is putting the narco
politicians on a list and get them off one by one.


This critique paper
simply show the idea of Ana Marie Pamintuan and the things she wanted to clear
about the corruption. She wrote her ideas without worrying of what would people
specially the politician would say or she doesn’t care about their reaction. I fully
agree on her statements, because first of all her evidences are adequate and
enough to prove her opinion about everything. Second, what she want to point out
is very helpful and I can say that people would really agree on her statements.
And lastly, she’s thinking for what is right for everyone.

Everyone should be responsible in every decision we made for our lives, the
voters should be responsible in choosing the right person for a position. And
the elected person should do his or her responsibilities since he/she promised

Stopping the narco
politicians is the main goal of this opinion paper. It may not be that easy and
it may take years to accomplish it, but what I believe in is things that are
worth doing are often not easy. And that is what Ana Marie Pamintuan’s article
all about.

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