Nowadays and its importance to the world. According

Nowadays Soccer is one of the most played sports in the world from Asia all the way to the Americas, Europe, and Africa. An original soccer ball has 32 panels, one for each country in Europe.  Soccer is also known as “football” in other countries except for the United States. Its original name was “basket-ball” because the first goals were baskets. Soccer was first played in China during the Han Dynasty and since then has evolved into one of the world’s most popular sport. Soccer has impacted many lives and countries. For some, soccer means life and death. Soccer is described as its own religion with rules, myths, legends, heroes, and endless amounts of participants. Everywhere around the world, you will find a people playing soccer in their schools, parties, clubs, and just for fun. In this report about soccer, there will be a brief history, rules on how this sport is played, and its importance to the world. According to Goldblatt, D. (2008). The ball is round: a global history of football (pages 5-72): Soccer originated in China during the Han Dynasty about 2000 years ago.  Although soccer was first played in China, people from Rome, Greece, and Central America believed soccer originated in their country. In China, people dribbled leather balls or sometimes animal heads by kicking it into a small net or basket. The soccer we play today originated in England. It is in England were rules were created for guiding the game including not allowing tripping opponents and touching the ball with your hands. During the medieval times, a game of soccer consisted of kicking, punching, biting and gouging.The main for the game during this time period was to get the ball to a target spot. Soccer was not liked by everyone, for instance, King Edward III of England and King James I of Scotland band soccer due to the violence, many injuries, and soldiers not doing their job. Since then soccer has developed more rules including the ones from today by the International Football Association Board which was established in 188. The world’s oldest soccer competition is the FA Cup that started in 1872. The FA Cup consisted of English clubs competing amongst each other. So far soccer has created its own empire with its many participants. According to Murray, B. (1998). The world’s game: a history of soccer: Soccer has made its way to different parts of the world affecting many lives. In today’s society, soccer is played all around the world with different versions of the game. There is outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, and many more varieties. Many soccer clubs, tournaments, and leagues can be found in different areas of the world’s. All the countries participate in global leagues that compete against each other such as Fifa, and the Olympics. There are many national soccer leagues in different countries. The more clubs and organizations in a country for soccer the more popular and important it is to that particular country. According to Bar-On, T. (2014). The world through soccer: the cultural impact of a global sport: In North America, there is the North American Soccer League (NASL), the Major League Soccer (MLS), United Soccer Leagues (USL), Premier Development League (PDL), National Women’s and Men’s Soccer Leagues, and College Soccer (NCAA).  In South America, there is the Copa America, Conmebol, Boopa. Sudamericana, CONCACAF, and Copa Libertadores. In Asia, there is the Asian Champions League. In Europe, there is the UEFA Champions League, European Professional Football League, and Laliga. Africa- Premier Soccer League, CAF Champions League, Africa Cup of Nations, South Africa Football Association, National First Division, and the Nedbank Cup. Soccer has come a long way had has made it to our small yet big island of Guam. Guam has its own national team and local clubs, such as Guam Football Association (GFA), Robbie Webber,  and IIAAG high school boys and girls soccer. As soccer developed, more rules and tactics were implemented. Depending on the age group, the same basic rules of soccer can be applied to any league. These rules were created by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) which was formed in 1886. These rules made soccer fun, challenging, and safe.The objective of modern soccer is to score goals by dribbling the ball down the field into the opposing team’s goal.  Some basic rules include no more than 11 players on the field for each team. The whole soccer ball must pass over the goal line and between the goalposts for a point to be scored. The ball size depends on your age. For example size 1 is 18-20 inches in circumference is the smallest size and is usually used for skilled players. Another example is 27-28  inches in circumference is the biggest size which is usually for adults.   All players must use their feet, chest, and head to either kick or bounce the ball. Goalkeepers are the only ones allowed to use their hands in their goal area. You can only throw the ball from over your head when you are on the sideline. When you or your teammate is fouled, you are allowed to have a free kick. You can defend yourself with your body except for your hands. This rule prevented many injuries because people can’t punch, hit, push, or full on tackle someone when defending. Each team is only allowed 11 players on the field and one is a goalkeeper. Some tactics to help soccer players or to play the game, in general, were some passes, that included, Inside of the Foot Pass, Outside of the Foot Pass, Chip Cross, Dribbling, Drop Kick, Throw-in Technique, and Controlling the Ball with the Chest.  Other basic tactics include the First attacker, Pressing in Soccer Crossing in front of Goal, Overlapping, Counterattack, likes Nutmeg, Defense, and Man-to-man. All of these tactics allow the ball to be controlled making it easier for a team to score a goal. Soccer is all about teamwork, everyone has a job either being a goalkeeper, defender, mid, or forward. A goalkeeper prevents goals from happening by protecting the goal from any attempts. Defenders usually consist of four people positioned right in front of the goalkeeper; their job is to defend the goal and get the ball from the opposing team to send it to their teammates to make a goal. A midfielders job is to defend and to get the ball from the defensive line to either send it to the forwards or make a goal themselves. Forwards are usually the goal scores, they get the ball from the mids or any bad passes made by the opposing team. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Everywhere you go there will be someone kicking a ball. It’s so cool how one activity from thousands of years ago has turned into one of the world’s biggest sports. Soccer is not only a sport but a lifestyle. Many people around the world live of soccer. Professional soccer players and coaches are one of the top paying people in the world. This is cool because these people are getting paid for what they love doing. Soccer unites the world together as one. Most people or even everyone has played soccer once in their lives. You can see the unity in the Olympics, The Fifa World Cup, or even local tournament, people from all areas come to one place to either watch or play this wonderful sport we call soccer.

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